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  1. Bigbeater Din

    Today I've bought a B&W 100 ISO film thinking it was MORE sensitive than 400, since my Smena had a setting for ASA 250-130; thinking it meant the inserted ISO.
    Boy, was I a piece of cockwaffle.
    Thanks for explaining, though! Truly great video, mate.

  2. mohnish pawar

    I had a question! Probably a bit stupid but is 200 iso in digital same as 200 ISO in film ??

  3. Cans

    I have a question, a newbie question. What if I'm using a 400 film and i play around my ISO setting, what would happen?

  4. KingJvpes

    Hey man, nice video! Whats your favorite film for landscape photography? I'll be going on a trip to the coast to take photos of the beach and the cliffs. Would love to have your input. Also i shoot film photography on my channel, would love for you to check it out! Cheers πŸ™‚

  5. Abdul Salam

    hi there, if you have 200 iso film, for example, can you set up your iso camera to 400? if yes, will that affect the processing/development? i mean, should we tell the developing guy that we set the camera to 400 iso so that they can compensate the processing to get the picture brightness right? thanks.

  6. Ivan Ray Maple Buglosa

    I just want to ask what microphone did you used. It sound so good bro. im sure its not the built-in mic of your dslr. i hope you can reply to this. Nice video btw πŸ˜‰

  7. Hlee

    I spot Sailor Moon!! Another common interest between us photography lovers πŸ™‚

  8. Bomb Diggity

    Love it! Awesome channel! Can't wait to see what else you guys come out with.

  9. Euan Read

    Picked up a praktica, no light meter, any tips on how to work out shutter speed or apature


  10. Cheddar Bunny

    Thanks for sharing this video. Justin getting into film photography or any form of photography this was very helpful.

  11. LaRiviere Photo

    @GeorgiaSandy what is your question? When you buy film, always know what your ISO is and set your camera to that. I believe an FM2 has full manual control on both the aperture and shutter speed. With those cameras, whatever your shutter speed is, your light meter will tell you what aperture to use. It is all practice πŸ™‚

  12. Georgia Sandy

    I own a nikon fm2 and I'm abit confused on the ISO and shutter setting I should have …. Help lol.

  13. jesslivelife

    Where do you get your film developed? Or do you usually develop it on your own?
    Great video, by the way!


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