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  1. Prasanth MN

    UV filter ഉപയോഗിക്കുമ്പോൾ pic quality കുറയുമോ ??

  2. manu jans

    long exposure photography cheyyumbol filter use cheythillengil enthenkilum problem undo

  3. Vishakh Venugopal

    chettaa I'm a beginner ennik 700d eduthal kollam ennu und.Do you have any other options?

  4. shijo shajan

    thanks chetta…uv filters nammudey natil ethra aavum rate…njan oru dslr medichu canon 700d athil safety ku ayi use cheyyan aanu..

  5. thenseer Hussain

    Very nice to watch all your videos ….thank you so much for sharing all these …

  6. Sulaiman Keloth

    deepu,it was very useful lecture about the filters,not only this every one I think.thanks and apriciated

  7. shynu ponnariyan

    your doing a great job deepu pillai………..thanks for the entire video…
    which camera is good in 60 to 70 range……….


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