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  1. Grace Raymond

    what was the first place he mentioned? I just heard desert

  2. Paul Stevenson

    Drop the muzak it is extremely annoying and adds nothing – I exited after a few mins.

  3. Andrew Power

    Brought to you by the love-child of Zack Snyder and M. Night Shyamalan.

  4. Somewhere in America wil moore

    Nice video trailer however I feel like I'm on dajavue land. This has been covered so much in YouTube land. I'm sure it's a nice course as stated it is lighting 101. But you can purchase a book for less and there are other outstanding photographers that teach this on YouTube. Bottom line everybody's in business and my thumbs up for that but I'm not buying a reinvented wheel. What do you guys think.

  5. Jonathan

    that the cost of a flash…well either the course or buy a flash and watch the other dudes for free…mmmmm, which one?

  6. Mahomodally Yousuf

    Hello SLR Lounge,
    Can you please give me some suggestions on which Nikon flash i should buy to get these type of images???


  7. King Pintal

    Too expensive for me. I'll explore, experiment and pay attention to details, take notes and practice instead. $99 wow.

  8. Phil Shaw

    Every shot is with a reflector and an assistant.. soooo without the assistant is this video worthwhile????

  9. Carey Daffern

    Is this course available on a physical DVD, and if so where can I purchase it.

  10. William Wilson

    To those who thought this video is deceitful: I don't know if anybody noticed the word TRAILER in the title.

  11. Apryl Gale

    For those criticising this video it clearly says 'trailer' in the title. If you don't have the sense to figure out what that means then more fool you… And those whinging about the price and comparing it to watching other free online tutorials then you clearly have no idea the effort and high quality of these courses developed by SLR lounge. I personally have purchased a previous course from SLR Lounge on Couples Photography and the amount of detail was incredible; from shooting on location all the way through to post production. The best part is that I have them forever and can go back a re-watch if I need to brush up on my skills. This trailer definately got me excited for purchasing this course…Thanks Pye & SLR lounge!

  12. Nicholas Jude

    what haze did u use for the gym photo session and also for the bike potrait shoot session ? +SLR Lounge | Photography Tutorials +Pye Jirsa

  13. blackilluzionz

    This course is truly a bargain at only 150 bucks! Remember folks knowledge trumps gear any day. Thinking about buying a studio strobe for thousands of dollars and have limited flash skills consider investing in your education instead.

  14. fderive

    Sure looks like a great course, maybe will try to get it one day.

  15. Jacqueline Sy

    way too expensive, really wish it was more affordable! phlearn never charges this much..

  16. Troll Of Justice

    I clicked on this video because of the thumbnail. I'm giving this video a thumbs down for false advertising.

  17. Carl Hult

    I think I have learned more about how to use one flash and one reflector by watching this trailer than most courses and people could ever tell me.

  18. Brendan van Son

    This looks like a fantastic course for those of you mother fotographer hoping to get the most out of single-flash photography.  Love the stuff from SLR lounge.


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