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  1. D700Replacement

    cuts cuts cuts. They can't even put two sentences back to back without screwing up and chopping up the flow with cuts. Sign of amateur right out of the gate.

  2. Amar Sharma

    By the way I subscribed to your channel so I don’t wanna miss what there to be comming

  3. Danny Kim

    Super helpful. I've got a 144,000 follower account @DCFoodGang and wanted to get some tips. We're changing up the concept of the account and will be featuring amazing food in the DC/east coast area. Thanks Josh!!

  4. Aarushi Jain

    I am shook by how many places I recognized just from the plates and the food like YES NOM WAH

  5. Lindsey L

    love your photo videos but those people at the restaurants are the most obnoxious…. Trying to eat and people standing on the chairs next table. flash lights in the dark atmosphere. no regards and considerations for other people.

  6. New Denizen

    Really enjoyed this video Josh. Learned a few things about food photography to add to my arsenal!

  7. Nazar Shutyak

    Food photography is a thing now? Damn, doesn't really sound good to me, I just eat it… ahahah ^^


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