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  1. strange concept

    you are an ideot. crap video. the person took some time to ensure it got in good condition to you. how can you get 1m + views i dont know

  2. Suzhou Chen

    for less than 200 quid, the only idea came up in my mind is go buy an airsoft rifle and rob a camera shop……

  3. Mindless Production

    funny… non of them people gave consent for them to be in a photo and you wouldn't of asked them.

  4. subash maharjan

    hi there, i noticed you wearing scarf, that's made in Nepal from yak's wool. good to see nepalese product 🙂 have you been to Nepal?

  5. ace six

    It is called safe packaging. the seller placed tissues, papers or what not to prevent further damage to the camera when being shipped to your crappy place. and it was all wrapped in tape, also to prevent the camera to swing from left to right to prevent further damage so that your sorry arse wont complain as to it was not packaged well or so. I know this was made few years ago but you are clearly showing how bit of a jackass you are, sir! I like your review but 'respect' is undeniable absent in you.
    oh and p.s.. The protectors that you removed actually helps, eps if you want to preserve the screen and the windows of the cam away from scratches and hits. So, there.. You are one stupid motherfucker smh

  6. Dihelson Mendonca

    Some jackass people simply don´t know at this point of their young lives what the words CARE and GRATITUDE really means.


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  8. Droid Hek

    I watched a couple decent reviews by this guy. But this video he just comes across as an asshole

  9. Shademan Irvanipour

    look like you where doing this video recording outside Selfridges in Oxford street

  10. Shademan Irvanipour

    i used to work for this big retail company where this video recording was done and the name of the company is Selfridges

  11. Christopher Hallquist

    I have the original 5D, as well as the newer 6D and I've used the 5DII and the 5DIII. I can honestly say that no camera that I have used to this date, creates the aesthetic and the color from my original 5D. Images from this camera are like creamy 35mm film pictures, and it can produce some outstanding images if used within its limits, with some good glass. If you are looking for an inexpensive full frame camera, and do not plan on using video, than I would recommend this camera 1,000 times! Just make sure to be familiar with ISO, since the 5D does not have an auto ISO options (I don't recommend using auto ISO anyway).

  12. Mooreel

    less than 100 pounds … or 300$ … why brexit… whyyyy


    does magic lantern add video capabilities?

  14. Sigma Tech

    I would have loved as a seller to know that someone was using my camera in a video. xD But the commentary- I'm not sure now lol.

  15. EoRdE6

    how about a useful comparison likeeee idk comparing this to a similarly priced camera? 1100d or something?


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