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  1. Robert Walker

    Enjoyed your video, as a Nikon D3300 beginner, I am looking for all advice, suggestions, etc, that will assist me in becoming a confident, steady, progressive, knowledgeable, Photographer.

  2. Naresh Malla

    sir I have a nikon coolpix pix p 500 I want to use my pc to control the camera the software I am using detects the camera but I can't shoot pics

  3. Jose Becerra

    thanks for the tips i barely bought my first DSLR D3400 and i can't wait to test it in the outdoors, i hope you post more videos

  4. Leon Yong

    i need to know more about aperture and shutter speed , these two confuse me so much

  5. James Tori

    Thank you for posting this! I just bought this camera and would love to see you shoot pics and educate us on your technique.

  6. UefachampionsleagueJPK Channel

    Hey, nice video esp since am an ameteur nikon shooter in Canada, MB. Work on your mic especially since your breathing is more audible it distracts my concentration. May be add a little music. Thank you.

  7. Mina Andrawis

    Hey Paul! Great video. Keep up the good work! What kind of camera are you using in this video? Looks like a D3400.


  8. Mark Border

    Thanks, especially for the first two tips. I didn't know about these. I have a D3200 and made the changes while watching. Great video.

  9. Louise Sines

    Great little video – perfect for learning my new d3400 thanks Paul

  10. Georgi Hristov

    Pretty good stuff and well edited, will definitely check the other tuts. Keep it up

  11. Pedro Alvarado

    great video but nikon tips sign felt akward at the beginning. needs music.


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