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  1. Brittany Johnson

    Instead of copying and pasting the edits you can pick the original edited photo, hold down command and then click multiple photos that you want to have the same edits as the first and then press "sync…" on the right side, sorry if this doesn't make sense lol

  2. Hosman Salazar

    I personally prefered the unretouched photo at the beginning it's kinda desaturated look.

  3. Amanda Watkins

    Ok I for realzzzz need to buy Lightroom!!! It costs, right Jessica? Also these pics were FAB! So obsessed!❤️

  4. Sweatersteacandles

    Your tutorials are so good!! 🙂 xx Also how is your voice so nice everything you say sounds so fancy

  5. jorge mata

    Hola me gustaría saber que preset usa siempre en tus revelados que te permite bajar o subir la intensidad . Gracias


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