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  1. ayyitslara

    this was very helpful thank you for sharing your tips and advice

  2. HalfThaiKorean1990

    i have a nikon that cost about almost 300 $ (it was a older version ,so ofcourse it was more expensive when it came out about 3-4 years ago. other then that this was a already used camera so i did not buy it in completely new) ,its not the best camera but i use it since a year now and im fine with that though i probably will buy a better camera one day.

  3. nyc0053

    Yeah, "rule of thirds" also applies to drawing, painting, sketches, etc. Encouraging the viewer to focus upon the subject or subjects. Very cool! ;^]

  4. paul urlacher

    After reading the comments I realized I wasn't the only one you touched
    Good stuff, I'll be watching you. Not in a creepy way, silly.
    Good luck in your travels.

  5. Antonio Tony

    amazing video great advice. I had a question. what camera would you recommend for using for video? thank you.

  6. Nic Flynn

    I really like your channel! Also, I like that you left a link to your Vlogging equipment! I love photography so I figured id check this video out after seeing your comment on another channel. I am staring to Vlog now along with photography and you helped me out actually, so thank you!

  7. Gerard Kuzawa

    Number One: You are beautiful. I would like the opportunity to photograph you.

    Number Two: I agree. just get out there and shoot. However, be able to admit to yourself when something is just crap. Especially in the beginning, accepting something being crap, and discarding it, is important to you as a photographer.

    Number Three: Having an ego, and being narcissistic. is not going to work. If you are, you will not make a dime off of photography. Photography is totally not narcissistic, but it is all about the client. Bring the best out of the product or talent for the the desires of those that have hired you.

  8. Yura Ghim

    Yaaas girl preach it!!! It's all about trial and error and a ton of practice. The gear comes afterwards. I did learn something new which is the instameet. I didn't know that even existed :O gotta look for one in LA now!

  9. fanny huamani

    Loved it! I was also wondering what editing applications you use for lighting or for overall enhancing the quality of your photos? Maybe another possible "tea time" episode?

  10. Elias Limitless

    Thanks very much for the advice! You just earned a new subscriber! I'll try out those tips myself today!

  11. line productions travel blogger

    hi Tj I just subscribe to your channel I am new at vlog I love you tips. see my video is not that great but I try and it is much better thank you I will sport you all your video. 😉

  12. 20 Seconds in Thailand

    I use the YouTube G7r1600 model seven to get the best pic ever. Too bad I ran out of film.

  13. Little Owl Loves

    Loved this! Very useful to hear about others and find influences 🌹💕

  14. Mikael Mårtensson

    Thank you for the very good clip! I am about to start my own channel, so this was very helpful! 🙂 Keep them coming!

  15. The Path Less Traveled [Ryan Wilkes]

    I love that you have added this segment! I am thinking about doing the same thing with my channel. Also, amazing tips. Thank you TJ =)

  16. rakkkar

    Loved hearing about how you got into the game! Adrienne has actually been a huge inspiration to me too, though I cannot really say who inspired me first to start taking photos of my surroundings in like 2012 haha In all honesty it just continues to feel weird looking at my older stuff or even images from half a year ago. Right now I feel a little frustrated because I do not get to dedicate enough time to photography and I am kinda missing someone who just wants to get out shooting just anything basically like me haha Unrelated but have you changed anything about your skin care or anything else? You are looking more and more fabulous every time you upload 😂😘

  17. Dexter van der Swaluw

    I had tea while watching this. Just so you know. 🙂

  18. TheNicofabi

    Damn… didnt expect this video to make me emotional… It's amazing how far you've gotten, my Instagram is just my hobby… Trains EVERYWHERE! but i do have a slight interest in Photography… its nice that i actually learn some of that stuff in Uni already…

  19. SeeKaysee

    Ah yes, I think I'm going to really like your tea time series. 👌🏼
    Thankfully I was never told that art would only be a hobby, but to integrate what I love into what I want to do. But that's probably because my dad wanted to be an artist. Haha! Sadly, he never got to follow his dreams so he really inspired me to make sure I worked in a field that I loved.

    I'm still learning to train my eye, and the tip of hanging out with people better than you is such a great tip. That's an amazing way to elevate your artistic eye.

    I can totally relate to the frustrating part about creativity. I'm still going through it with my videography/photography. So this was incredibly inspiring to see your progress at the end of this video.

    I'll keep creating. Thanks for inspiring. 🙌🏻


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