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  1. nobert garcia

    $400 is not a budget for us l8ving in the 3rd world country lol

  2. Paul The Alien

    I'm a young teen, and I'm taking photography at school… wanting to buy a good canon camera worth around 300-500 or higher. Any good recommendations (I wanna be a photographer wen I'm older)

  3. Varun Kamal

    the first fact you stated is wrong. please learn before posting information and making videos. instead of spreading misinformation. biggest sensor size you get is medium format… then comes full frame

  4. ICE Multimedia

    this was really good video with lot of information. my channel also same topic. thanks for give us some good information. 🙂

  5. SamStunner Saxzo

    i want to know which camera did you use while making that video .

  6. tato sidamonidze

    this is all bull shit ))) if you want beginner dlsr camera buy canon 60d,750d,70d,80d,7D and from nikon d300,d90,d7000,d7100,d7200,d5500 ))) and next buy full frame ))) if you want to learn ))) this all videos for nikon d3200 d3300 canon 400d 450d 600d and next all is bull shit )))

  7. Kelly Jackson

    I'm looking for a good quality photo camera to buy. anyone got an advise?

  8. kiran lama

    Hi … I am completely unknown about DSLR cameras and about lens but i am really interested i have decided to buy now.. so please suggest me which camera and Lens i should buy ? which is best and affordable…I want to use it on photography and video purpose…So it will be big help if you give me some suggestion..i work in israel from Nepal…. Please waiting you reply.

  9. وفہيہت حہتہى آنتہهہيہتہ

    you mean, buy pentax cause its better then canon

  10. The Phantoms Guest

    This is about the canon, what about other cameras ffs!

  11. Sion ™

    good vid, but they are hardly budget-£200.00 nah mate ill save up for a car tbh
    no hate tho it was a good vid

  12. TheGoToGuy01

    What would be a good cheap camera for recording video at like 720p for at least 60 fps? For weightlifting technique review.

  13. Tamara Orlovic

    hi,ive decided to start traveling a lot this year and i need a good camera to take really good pictures and preserve the memories, do you have any suggestions, my budget is 500 euros 🙂

  14. RaciocinioPlease

    Hi there, I would like to ask for some help here…
    I am trying to buy a relatively good camera on a budget…one that has an acceptable zoom, creates high quality videos and specially makes nice photos and videos under poor illumination/night…
    I cannot spend more than 280 eur/300 USD..
    whch one of these would be enough for an amateur like me…

    Olympus PEN E-PL6
    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70
    A bit cheaper ones
    Nikon Coolpix S7000
    Canon PowerShot SX710 HS
    Canon PowerShot SX610 HS

    thanks a lot

  15. amanbin

    Either you are canon biased or paid or both….This is the worst help video..You think there is not much difference between full frame and aps-c sensor?nice going

  16. Sneaky

    What is a good budget dslr camera to shoot high quality 1080p video and really high quality photos for close ups and landscapes

  17. OnEdge

    What are you using for your video? I want something that looks like that please help!

  18. Blogs for Entry - Level Photography

    Most Nikon/Canon cameras Offer you great Quality Dslr's for any price.

    So it's not, so much what is the best Dslr, but rather what do you plan on shooting with your Dslr, Landscape? Portraits? Nightlife. These are a few things you should consider then try to find the most relevant Dslr to that.

     But If you want to get a Great Entry-Level Dslr + the Whole package, I have a blog that you can Skim through.

  19. DJ Double Vision

    Wtf is the point in this video if your not going to give suggestions on which camera to actually get?

  20. DJ Double Vision

    Wtf is the point in this video if your not going to give suggestions on which camera to actually get?

  21. Zumponer

    the biggest image senor size for a dslr is not fullframe its medium format

  22. Alex Watts

    I need some help. I want a cheap DSLR for around no more than £300. I'm planning to use it mainly for car shows! The things I would like it to do: High resolution photos, good lighting and details on the cars, easy ways to change things like Aperture and shutter speed and focus and etc. Please can someone help? Thanks in advance!

  23. Sai Charan

    which is good b/w sony alpha58 and nikon d3300 for beginners or anything else


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