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  1. Vi Kiet Luong

    Omg I have to say that you are really great a tutor giving out very understandable explanation, I think I'm gonna improve my photo level soon hihhi 😊thank you girl !!!!

  2. Alma Rose Middleton

    Jana, I am learning photography and you just made shooting in manual easier.  Thank you!

  3. jonesmir08

    Thank you! I've been studying forever and this put it all in plain English for me. You're amazing and SO down to earth!

  4. Brendan Leon Young

    Absolutely brilliant explanations about three important parts of taking a picture. So that's going to inspire me today as I am taking pictures of people in Seaburn in the North East of England. As we say up here..thanks..that's mint! 😎

  5. Michelle McNeill

    Great video! I am just learning about photography now and you explained the "triangle" of manual mode very well! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

  6. June K

    I've always been intimated using a manual mode. Thank you for explaining it thoroughly without using too many technical terms. I've leaned so much just by watching your clip!! Thank you so much!!!


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