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  1. mohamed kamal

    Thanks for the tip
    how to take macro shots with nikon d7100 with 18-140 mm lens with this technique

  2. Let's Do It !!!

    Great video man. 1 hour I was struggling with taking my first macro and now i did it!!! Happyyyyy thanks

  3. Dev Goyal

    +Moose Winans when i turn the lens and hold it with my hand touching to the camera without using a reverse ring the camera shows no lens attached…what to do?

  4. fluffybunnies00

    i just discovered your page this week and honestly your videos are a GOLDMINE of awesome tips and explanations of things that can normally be tricky to explain. Thank you so much for what you are doing!

  5. DisneyPhilip

    Could you do a video on how to edit sunny portraits? 😀

  6. Devcode Null

    First of all, I'd like to thank you for the amazing tutorials. I just got a nikon d3100 a couple of days ago and have been having fun using manual mode. Im just using the kit lens which is 18-55mm and also tried this trick and got amazing results. Shutter speed was about 1/320 and iso of 3200. The image somehow had blurred on the sides. Is there a way to avoid this by just using this trick? Thanks again

  7. Adnan Ahmad Ali

    Superb. I recently bought macro lens. Wish i could see it before. But i m gonna try this anyway. Thanks!

  8. Sairupa kumar

    ur awsome 👍🏻 ty fr sharing such wonderful videos 😊

  9. Videography Inspiration And Photography

    First and foremost love that intro of the kids.
    Overall this is a great video! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Aide Navarro

    Hi Moose, do u reccomend getting the reversoible ring or tha raynox converter. i have a Rebel T5. Thanks for sharing such great tips.

  11. jerryandtabatha

    I can't get this to work with my D3300. 🙁 I tried using it with the 18-55 lens. I am holding the lever back and am in a very lit room. And in the viewfinder it is either dark or won't come into focus. Now, I did snap a shot of an out of focus Luna Moth but when looking at the pic there is nothin but darkness. Do I need to set the buttons on the les to a certain setting?

  12. Niveda Govindaraj

    Hello! 🙋
    Gotta tell you, you're the best… Handling my cam has become much better after watching your videos. Thank you so much!

    This is a cool trick! But when I try it the screen goes blank.. I really can't see anything through. Where must I probably be going wrong?
    P.S : I'm using kit lens.

  13. adithyan sivaraman

    you are really awesome. Your tip on holding the lever at back of Nikkor lenses was the one I was looking for…thaks a ton!!

  14. Kram Tung

    Hi I'm from Indonesia……Love the tuts, I'm using XE2 too….can you make more tuts about macro photography? Do you have an online gallery of your photos? I'd love to see your works.Say hi to your boys 🙂

  15. CameliaDIY

    AWESOME TRICK totally talking to my photography teacher about your channel!

  16. Michael Ellison

    Cool trick must try this .. Oh just bought some glow sticks which is the video to show me how to set the setting i need ?

  17. Abhishek Anand

    Hi, I tried inversing the lens but I got the blur pic…Plz tell me how could I fix it ?

    My lens is Wide Angle 18-55 mm
    canon 700D

  18. Tiffany Conn

    This tip should come with a warning … highly addictive. 😊

  19. Abhishek Saini

    woowwww 😍😍 i think this video is meant for me.. i luv to take close up it will be possible just becoz of you 😉 you are the best sir 😀 "America is lucky to have you"

  20. Tiffany Conn

    I watched this and thought no way! And then I tried it … yes way! It's really that easy! Super fun tip to try out! Thanks Moose! (P.S. The Kade and Sawyer bit is so adorable! Haha.)

  21. Rodney Buxton

    Great tip, definitely going to try. Had a question though about the Raynox DCR, would that be a better option than Macro Extension Tubes? Which gives better quality and ease of use?

  22. bro0ks

    Who. Woulda. Thought?!?! You have like 3048 tricks up your sleeve! Keep em coming! 😀


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