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  1. krishnendu panda

    what is the difference between the function of 18- 55 mm lence and 55-250 mm lence??

  2. Neeraj Bhatt

    I want to buy a new dslr camera for learning .which camera is best for learning ?
    please suggest me ?

  3. Jaswanth Guptha

    hello,here IAM asking to upload videos like photo editing

  4. Suraj N

    I liked this video.
    well… I have a question.
    what is difference between canon eos 70d , 250d…?

  5. Paulomi Mukherjee

    Hey! So i just bought a canon rebel t6 (i know the t6i is better but i had a budget) Any way the lense that i got with it is a EF-S 18-55 mm … and i was trying to play with the aperture for the favorite bokeh effect but the aperture won't got below 4.5 and sometimes it gets stuck at 5. Is this because of my kind of lens or am I doing something wrong?

  6. saktiprasad swain

    After watching 2 min .I pause the video and subscribed.

  7. Keyur Mewada

    very short video but its nice, I have seen many videos but this is only I like…thanks for the video… if possible then please share a video of nikon 5200 with basic setting and some features

  8. ABDURRAHMAN alrahman

    which DSLR camera is good in the range of 30000 India Rupees?

  9. Aditya Narayan

    Im going to buy my first DSRL and my budget is 60k , can you please suggest me a good DSLR ?

  10. Manideep goud

    Which dslr is better for photography
    canon 700d, canon 1300d or nikon 3300d..
    please IF any one could recommend me…

  11. Joshua Bellamy

    I'm so confused. But u did a great job explaining. I'm just new to all of this.

  12. Rafe Official

    bro i want to buy a camera for video and photography.
    my budget is not good enough.
    can u suggest me some camera with mic port , wifi and flexible screen..?

  13. Francis Luchavez

    Thank you beebom. This video is very much informative for such a newbie on DSLR camera like me.

  14. Vijay Mishra

    Sir I have 2 soft box lights (300D tube each with warm 100 watt continuous bulb and ) and want to shoot saree Maniqueen for my website but the I get darker background , please guide how I can manage it . I have Nikon D 3200 please suggest as soon as possible

  15. prince. king

    I not try dslr I trying any camera but Auto like Sony Panasonic moblie camera I going many events with professional photographer with I focus what a doing I see styles anything I see two months I not go because seasons of I not understand I confused litter I see your video please help me

  16. GaMeR AleX007

    Now I have learnt how to use it. I just have to buy a DSLR.😂😂

  17. my nepal

    i am very fond of dslr or slr camera but cannot buy but also i like to have them


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