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  1. Josh Katz

    Stoked to see the shots you guys come up with! If you want to save some time / not watch me flail my arms around for 18 minutes, here's a video directory.

    0:57 What is Landscape Photography?
    1:38 Equipment
    5:02 Step 1 – Location Spotting
    5:36 Step 2 – Timing
    6:31 Step 3 – Foreground Elements
    7:38 Step 4 – Positioning
    8:07 Step 5 – Preliminary Settings
    8:55 Step 6 – Aperture
    9:41 Step 7 – ISO
    10:08 Step 8 – Shutter Speed
    11:07 Step 9 – Focusing/Hyperfocal Distance
    12:27 Step 10 – Composition Tips
    14:20 Step 11 – Editing

  2. Matthew Pearce

    Thanks for the video. I am an extreme beginner and want to learn how to take great pictures. I appreciate the affordable beginner camera/lens option.

  3. taz.h

    This video is a GEM! Your photography is absolutely beautiful. I liked the way you organised the tips in this video and used your pieces to help explain certain points. Thanks for the tips man!

  4. Josiah Johnson

    Last time I was on your channel, you were all about skating. Cool to see you focusing on photography now! These educational vids are sweet! Keep it up!

  5. Aiyanna Bentley

    im super into your content, keep doing you. i basically binged all of your DITL videos! also love the informative photography videos!

  6. Milfsted

    Figured I'd come to your latest video to say this so you have a higher chance of seeing it

    Just wanna say you're absolutely sick, found your channel the other day and I've watched nearly all your videos since.
    Good shit man

  7. Magnitude Reviews

    "Unless if you live in utah where the whole state is one giant national park"… Eyyy, that's me!

  8. Courtney S

    Your videos are so informative and really well laid out. If you can, could you maybe do a video on printing photos?

  9. Garrett Wease

    Thank you for this awesome content. Getting into photography and it’s great to see a channel like yours that lays things out simply without dumbing them down.

  10. TresBienRobert

    It's not a Josh Katz photography tutorial if he doesn't say "Getting to the location is half the battle."


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