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  1. Saurav Sinha

    Hi Guys! Thank you for the wonderful support. What kind of videos would you like to see more on this channel ? Help me with this and I will definitely create such content for you guys.

  2. vijesh rajan

    hai sourav, 👍👍👍
    how can i adjust the shutter speed and apprature in a mirror less camera,

  3. Benjamin Kham

    I shot landscape in f22 but much of it wasn't super sharp. I heard it's because of something called "diffraction" could you explain diffraction. (lens rokinon f2.0 12mm)

  4. jules gile

    ..i'm a newbie when it comes to photography.. but with your video i learned some important things that really helped me a lot… i am not into photography business but i would love to take beautiful and clear photos from my nikon d5100, because we all know that pictures brings good memories and we don't want our photos blurred or not clear…thanks man..thumbs up..keep it up… Zules here from the Philippines..

  5. jazminad

    Is it possible you can teach about taking professional pics using your camera iphone? Thank you!

  6. jazminad

    Waiting for your iso tutorial patiently 😉 i keep in checking…lol

  7. jazminad

    You deserve a lot more views and subscribers! You are an awesome teacher. Thank you so much! I have subscribed!

  8. Aniket Tinkhede

    thank you saurav 😊, you explained all the necessary basic things very easily which are very important and it helped mi a lot, and nice presentation, keep going bro.

  9. nadishaf86

    Great video!!! really helped me alot!! hoping to learn more from here… Thanks alot for this video!

  10. Anosh syed

    Hi Kaushal,
    I am planning to buy a DSLR. Having four options in mind. Nikon D5300, D5600 and Canon 750D/760D. Will you please suggest me the best one among this?

  11. Pitbex - Philipp.B

    watched a ton of videos about camera basics, this is one of the best ones.

  12. Chaitanya Kuppili

    thank u saurav, well explained, the best way u explained, immediately I subscribed.

  13. mohammad ashraf

    My best tutorial ever about aperture. Thnx saurav for this tutorial.

  14. Unique Digital

    sir really i got very good knowledge thank you sir i have other question how i talk to you or send me mail
    Sonunique55@gmail. com

  15. Ryan Burke

    Thanks, I'm new with a camera and you helped explain it clearer than other things that I have read. I'll be doing my first shot of landscape this weekend!


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