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  1. Studio Bright Producao Nivaldo

    Hi I am from brasil you teach very good and your explanation is excelent thanks

  2. ghadeer allaho

    I just started, and am super excited! most of my shots would have be landscapes. Thank you Sir 🙂

  3. kabe ayofe

    Just bought my first dslr (d5300) these lessons have come at the perfect time! patiently waiting

  4. Debbie Giroux

    can't wait to learn!!!!! I'll be watching and taking notes–thank you for doing this!

  5. TalesOfWar

    Even though I already know a lot of the stuff you do videos on, I watch them anyway because I just like your down to earth, no nonsense style.

  6. James Bates

    Looking forward to it, thanks. I'm a Beginner and have experimented a lot already. I'm interested in creative photography and capturing feel depth and emotion. I need to brush up on fundamentals.

  7. nightofagypsimoon

    Can't wait!!!! I got a very nice DSLR but I am too afraid to play with it so I only use the Automatic feature 🙁

  8. Shaun Wilson

    top top video as always well done 🙂 i will share this 🙂

  9. Neil Hanson

    Hi Phill,big fan of yours as you know,i upload to your site quite regularly as (Nikon_Skorpion),is there somewhere i get get notification from for each episode of this please,i am a subscriber already to this channel.

  10. Russ Andrews

    I know a little bit, but am not skipping any of your lessons, they are great…and thank you…

  11. millie williams

    I have been teaching myself for a couple of years now but I am still looking forward to seeing your tutorials because I always take away some useful advice! Cheers!

  12. On the road

    Looking forward to the course. Thanks for the work in putting this together

  13. Adnan Ahmed

    Thanks for the great initiatives Phillip. It's going to be a big help for a beginner photographer like me. I have three cameras Olympus TG-4, Canon PowerShot SX60 HS and Nikon D7100. Do you have any beginners video clips on these cameras? Thanks.

  14. Peter Miranda

    thanks for sharing Phillip, even when I think I know all about photography… I don't 😉

  15. biggles1024

    G'day Philip, this is very welcome. I purchased a compact camera a couple of months ago. It is the first camera I've owned that wasn't an instamatic type camera and there a number of settings that I have no idea how or when to use.
    Cheers, Mark.

  16. Mikerhinos

    Will there be a french version ?
    Because my sister is learning how to use her Panasonic FZ200 in manual mode, and she doesn't understand when I explain her the settings, I'm a really bad teacher lol…
    And as I learnt many many things with your videos…


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