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  1. Henry Hurtado

    Thank you , I learned so much from you . I just wanted to quit ! I was following another tutorial and it was so complicated.
    However I started to make some exercises about as you did with the mailbox and I got two extranges results.
    My subject got dark with F22 and with f2.8 the whole image got blurry ! hahaha I dont know yet how to control the lenses.
    I'm using a Canon 5D mark iii.
    I will continue watching, thanks ! 😀

  2. hashim shaikh

    thanks for your tutorial. Hope it will help me to take more good picture.

  3. Amit Ray

    Maam your videos are exceptionally good and easy to understand therefore may i request you to have a tutorial on macro photography with reversal ring. I tried but failed.

  4. Karl Weaver

    You are a wonderful help to people, willing to help is a great quality, a generous kindness – thank you 🙂

  5. Joseph Smith

    I just discovered your channel and I like the first tutorial about photography. I going to watch some more and learn how to use my camera better. Thanks for making the videos.

  6. Mohamed Mohy

    thank you v.much; you are very qualified and helpful person; I hop my wife to like you. thanks

  7. Sunshine

    You have explained it very clearly. I had learned more listening and watching your tutorial than when I attended a 4-hour class with 20 peeps. Thank you very much! Subscribed!

  8. Cricket Game

    I like your video and it will be easier to capture photos with dslr

  9. AbdulGaniu Yusuff

    Hello, nice video tutorial. Please can I get to see more of your videos.

  10. High Heels Candid

    You forgot to mention that aperture controls diffraction and image sharpness. The typical sweet spot of lenses is 2-3 stops down from the widest aperture setting.

  11. Booth Nath

    I love the Teacher…:) Plz do a video for Portrait with blurry background

  12. Денис М

    Откуда ты знаешь английский? Как выучила его?

  13. Chad Peterson

    Great information and very informative! Can you link the charts at 3:42 and 7:08 so I can print these out for reference?

  14. Clipping path Lab

    I have struggled with this subject for some time, I even took a class on
    the basics of photography, and I was just not getting it. Now after
    seeing the image that you posted, it all is very clear to me, and my
    understanding is becoming more clear, thank you very much!!

  15. Holyfield3008

    Love your videos! Very informative and easy to understand!!! Thanks again!!!

  16. Alaa tmbis

    Thanx Oksan you do a great job for me am still in my first steps .. hope one day be great one like you &.

  17. gul raana

    hi ,your videos are so clear and detailed and very helpful for beginners in photography like me . thank you so much

  18. Ricardo Rodríguez

    Muchas gracias por tu tutorial, está muy bueno, excelente !!!!!!!

  19. MyYou Tube

    You are so pretty and your video is really informative. I've subscribed. Love your accent. Take care.

  20. Cliff Wilson

    Hello there how are you, I'm so happy I found your channel, some years ago I wanted to do photography so I bought an Olympus E500 started playing with it I never got the hang of it especially trying to shoot at late evening and low light situations I couldn't get the setting so I put it down and never looked at it again, then this week I came across your tutorials and it inspire me to take it up again, would you be so kind to assist me in setting up this camera for the best photography, I know this is and old model but while I have this it could be my practice until I can afford to purchase a more up to date camera thank you so much


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