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  1. Edward Marcos

    I really enjoyed your video, keep uploading more videos about photography.

  2. Alex Munoz

    can you really make money being a wedding photography?

  3. nishi bhandari

    hello…how did you get that histogram on your camera ??? which button did you use for that ???

  4. Li Li

    Im a begginer..and i want to learn more from your videos..thankyou..

  5. M-Studi -O

    line : make it a learning experience whether than watching experience 😉 cool

  6. G Lando

    I have been watching a lot of tutorial videos and I can tell these guys are very thorough and make learning easy. Someone wrote that they don’t like the fact that this is and “advert for a 150 dollar course”. But to me, This video is a selling point. You get plenty of information to help you decide if they are legit..Great video!

  7. GIFF India

    Which one camera best fujifilm t1 or 2 for video shoot and photography?

  8. david photography

    Don't like that it is an advert for a 150 dollar course

  9. Domzie200

    Im only 13 and this video realy helped me,to understand photography better thank you.

  10. cindy07925

    I am a begginner with and I have a sony a6000 will this video help me with this camera? or will I have to have a conon or nikon?

  11. The queen

    come on guys we are waiting for the Level 2 soo enthusiastically

  12. Parth Patel

    The pic of the wedding was awesome….which lens did you used for the wedding photography??

  13. Imran Ahmad

    Dear Nasim Can i get your email or any contact.
    imran ahmad
    from pakistan

  14. Jeffry Flores

    Gonna be a year and the second vid doesn´t come? u.u

  15. Kevin Burton

    I'm concerned. First, on the two-shot, your elbows are cut off and there's a bit too much head room. Second, on the single shots, the top of your heads are cut off. I don't know a whole lot about photography, but I know some about composition and framing of subjects. This is just my initial observation 2 minutes into your video.

  16. Ch Chand Tanha

    I'm really happy Nasim bro. I saw a true professional photographer in you.

  17. Gerardo Rangel

    Great video Nasim. This will be very interesting to follow to learn the photography, I hope you can go to the subject Long Exposure Photography and everything that might be related to. Congrats !!!.

  18. Mark Sardar

    Thanks Nasim for sharing the info 🙂
    I am a 'Nasim Fan' for a while already 🙂 I am wondering when Level-2 & Level-3 will be available? I am interested


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