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  1. rob roy

    He forgot to mention you'll also need a few grand for the lens he has on.

  2. Sameer Sachdeva

    I am always confused between Manual or TV or AV modes on my Canon 600d (with Canon 100-400mm isII). I usually shoot in Manual, but low light and birds in flight are mostly blurry or too grainy? What should I use to fix this?

  3. Bo vB

    Why using Aperture priority instead of Shutter priority? I am a beginner in Wildlife photography, and I am always thinking I need the fastest shutter speed possible, because animals are always moving and sometimes pretty fast. So I was wondering why using AP then?

  4. Rajkamal Das

    Is nikon D5200 and tamron 150-600 is suitable for bird photography??

  5. Timothy O'Connor

    Dont really agree with using A/P mode – I think using Manual mode and AutoISO is preferable, especially with Nikon cameras.


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