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  1. Martin Entertainment

    Question..: Wouldn't it be "better" to use a Strong flashlight, and shine from behind the camera or from above ? So u don't see the Lightstreak around the car ?

  2. Justin Horn


    How do you do the slow side pan that you did in the farewell video of your black top Charger?

  3. George P

    Can you do a comparison on gas mileage vs gas mileage on Eco mode? I would like to see if there's a big difference. Thanks!

  4. Chaos Studios

    that's totally bad ass. thanks for showing the fundamentals of how it's done. 🙂

  5. mlondon345

    This is really cool! Always wanted to know how to do this. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Oskarsigns!

    Light painting is my absolute favourite form of photography!
    I like to use a remote shutter and bulb mode so I can take my time, obviously adjusting the settings for a longer shutter. Plus small finger led lights to leave in places like you did, inside and in the grill etc.
    I'll definitely tag you on insta, I'm TwoFourOneTen!

  7. Ctsv_Carlos

    Hey @RP Productions off topic question….Trying to put mufflers on my 2014 charger r/t and since you have a r/t yourself you wouldn't happen to know the mufflers piping size? Is it 2.25 or 2.50? And I'm almost sure its offset in offset out right?

  8. George Brailsford

    Jumped up to 12k subs? I subscribed a few months ago at like 1k subs. Crazy!


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