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  1. sushanth hj

    These tutorials , techniques, tips are just amazing, i am new to photography and really enjoyed all your videos. I tried this light painting with my younger sisters. we had fun time trying with different colours and combination.thanks a lot 🙂

  2. raman shrestha

    this is amazing loved the way you give the teaching .. really appreciate your work .. even though i am not fond of photography but slowly i started liking it and want to learn it as well .. i have send you the msg in Facebook about which camera to buy, i love canon but plzz guide me .. waiting for your feedback in thanks … 🙂

  3. Chris Peacock

    Just discovered your channel – insta subscribe!I wanted to ask, how come you are not visible in the picture, just the glow sticks?
    Ur little guys are so cute! love how you get them so involved! I am starting to get into photography more, I dont have a DSLR but my new canon G7X has all the modes you use so I am hoping I can start taking some really great images!

  4. Stella K

    Very much agree with all +Tiffany Conn said. 🙂 Love to see you guys enjoy life, it's inspiring.
    And… Lightsabers and glow sticks are now must-haves! 😉

  5. Tiffany Conn

    I'm just amazed! I like how the stars showed up in the closet AND in the sky 😉 Your excitement is contagious. Your boys are proof. I'm inspired. I'm adding glow sticks to the grocery list. 🙂 Oh, and the little fish sequence was pretty neat too.

  6. Stacey Jordan

    This is soooo cool!!! I love your whole series!! Totally relatable since I have 3 kids, thank you so much for teaching me fun tricks and tips for photography! #newbie


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