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  1. kris wilkinson

    Chelsea better keep her game up, i see Tony has a replacement lined up just in case

  2. Raymond Xiao

    Great video! I know what the different between hard and soft light now.! Thank you! By the way, where I can buy the practice model to try how to use light ?

  3. onzkicg

    Nice. Where to buy that model lol? I purchased camera and flashes to learn, only to realise that my main subject (my kids & wife) don’t enjoy photoshoot 🙁 Now have to buy a dummy too lol 😆

  4. Evli ve Oyuncu

    Hi Tony,How can we turn an LED light to a big soft box? Like a dedolight felloni tecpro? Thank you…

  5. MakeUpLikeThis

    I'm a noob youtuber and I barely know about photography and lighting, but this tought me a lot! Thanks!

  6. King22Rules88Hearts

    You earned my subscription for your cool way of explaining the complex things. Cheers 😋

  7. Justin Zaff

    One of the top educators on Youtube . Thanks for giving intelligent concise information about photography.

  8. Yansen Haryanto

    what is the purpose of continous light compared to strobe/flash light


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