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  1. Zena's Vegan

    That was fantastic. Very straight forward thank you. I would like to know what I do if I want to transfer a whole folder of photos, say 300, would I do the exact same thing please? 🙂 Also if I sent my picture to photo shop how would I then save it. I will keep watching and I have subscribed. Thank again.

  2. Peter Schilling Photography

    Excellent video. The best intro to Lightroom on You tube. Thanks.

  3. Charles Powell

    A+ Lightroom Basic Tutorial. I brought a copy of LR 4 a few years ago and never touched it until recently, preferring to use only Elements.

  4. KillerncGaming

    Great video! I am going to start using Lightroom and this video helped a lot. Thanks, I subbed

  5. katie barbarossa

    Wow, amazed at all the possibilities..and as it was mentioned before, a bit overwhelmed. You definitely were very descriptive and I think I'll watch it again a couple of more times to let it all sink in. Thanks much!

  6. Simon Walter

    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for the video. Very clear explanations of everything. I use gimp 2.8 for post processing but can see that lightroom gives a lot more control over fine adjustments so I think I may bight the bullet and buy it, at least to use for color/light adjustments. Do you use a color calibration tool like spyder checkr as part of your workflow management or do you find that the presets in lightroom are good enough so you don't need to bother?
    Thanks again!

  7. akitakutya

    Publishing to Flickr I get an error message
    "An internal error has occurred."
    What is the error: Help PLS.

  8. Steven Smith

    I've just made the change to Light Room following years of using a combination of Elements and Nikon Capture NX2 and this was just the start I needed. Thanks.

  9. Michelle Harrison

    Just started lightroom yesterday and this video is incredibly helpful. Thanks.

  10. Mike Tancredi

    This is an excellent video for us beginners thank you so Dean .

  11. nitesh yalamanchili

    Thanks buddy it is very very…helpful to our beginners…. 😉

  12. Olav Storm

    The work on the eyes and lips can be done much more accurate i PhSh with layers and layer-masks. You do not tell what shortcuts you use to add or remove an effect in the face, how to get the quick-mask effect, or how to use the A and B- brush. You do also not tell how you switch between before and after to see the final result, what is the shortcut?

  13. Chris Connorton

    Great tutorial….clear, not too fast and concise.  Excellent!. I don't have Light room but I am thinking of getting it.  I am thinking I can do most of what I need in Nikon Capute and Fuji FinePix thingy so don't need it right now.  Do you do a tutorial for PS Elements….I do have that but really cant understand the layer stuff.

  14. Chinitrick

    Thank you very much. it's a very nice explanation of yours. Very Helpful

  15. John Huddy

    Thank you for the great video.I have  been trying to edit my astrophotos in gimp and get so lost in layer masks and brushes that I just give up. I know I still need to learn it, but this software and video give me hope again! – Thanks

  16. Craig Baron

    Dean. great tutorial. deciding to purchase LR for my Mac. Could you please advise 1. if mainly shooting JPEG is LR still easiest software if not concerned about layers, cut/paste, text etc, and do JPEGS stay untouched as do RAW files?, 2. what is best method to sort 1000s of images already on Mac?, and 3. do you have a tutorial on organising images in LR? i struggle understanding if the files you set up in the tutorial are just within LR or actually the folders on the Mac/PC Regards Craig


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