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  1. simeonhendrix

    Sick video! Soooo good. Ed, is your studio a green screen? Your lighting is fantastic.

  2. 949surferdude

    Thx for the words of inspiration. Lightroom is so daunting..

  3. wade bankston

    I have learned soon much from your videos. Thank you for what you do.

    I have one picture (raw) I took a few months here in Alaska, would you consider using it in one of your videos? and should I email it to you?

  4. Help Ads

    thnx for the amazing tutorial..learnt a lot.
    there's a photoshop and lightroom workflows tutorial on my channel..hope u guys like it

  5. leothebeagle

    thanks for the tips and appreciate the effort you put into your tutorials!

  6. Antonio Martinez

    Thanks for your videos, they're very informative and easy to understand. Greetings from Texas

  7. P Aaron

    You are a pure gem! You are incredible and have such an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. Thoroughly enjoying taking your courses.

  8. Polis Dimitriadis

    Just landed here as i just installed Lightroom and though it is a good idea to watch some tutorials first. And yours is very nice. By the way that power supply look on the back of the imac is what? Holding steady the monitor i suppose?

  9. Emilia Wint

    Brilliant, this is so helpful. Can't wait to make my way through all your videos!

  10. Priscilla Ralte

    thanks for teaching..easy to understand and clear.. much appreaciated

  11. Pera Casian

    Hi Ed!
    Helpfull tips for a begginer, it's set I'll learn lightroom from you 🙂

  12. Valerie Sercu

    I think you're awesome. New to Lightroom, and I love the way you talk and your energy, and how you explain so clearly for beginners. Makes it so much less intimidating. Loved the tone curve tutorial and so looking forward to watching the others.

  13. Igordoon Primus

    Hye my name Igordoon Primus I'am form Malaysia, Thanks you For the all part Shareing and I so happy what I have lean from you…

  14. Penny Linford

    Do you have a tutorial for each of the above topics? I just got Lightroom and would like to come up with a streamline workflow. I'm finding that sometimes when I shift pictures over to photoshop, they never come back to Lightroom after saving. I don't know where they go. Maybe I should check behind the dryer where the extra socks are?

  15. Niranchala Flynn

    Thank for excellent VDO, been watching for a while and have some question regard posting individual holiday photo album to social media,, I want to know if I could do it directly from LR without export them out and created another copies of that album…thank you in advance

  16. Justin Hill

    This is so refreshing to click on a vid and watch exactly what the title says. As a professional Teacher myself (20 yrs) I really appreciate your straight forward approach to teaching this subject. I can tell you have a passion for what you do and take it seriously. I love the fact that your not trying to make the video any more than what it is, a simple straight forward tutorial. You just gained another subscriber and I will surely recommend you to my friends as well! I look forward to learning all about LR from the rest of your videos! Keep up the great work!!!


    New to Lightroom and new to your channel.
    I have much to learn. I am enjoying your teaching style.
    Thank you!

  18. Natalie Dziatkivska

    You are talent speaker! very inspiring! keep going! Do you have an insta profile?

  19. Jean Medeiros

    Oh Ed, you make me feel like I can do this, thank you. I can't tell you how many times I replayed numbers 9 & 10……you truly are an inspiration. #arealartist

  20. 鍾德正

    I love your tutorials. I found LR daunting even after taking paid lessons two years ago; now I am still a pre-beginner. I wish I've ran into your videos sooner. With your help, I am ready to begin using LightRoom to manage my photos.
    Questions: your #8 tip suggests doing everything in LR, what do I do if I already have a messy catalog that I can not locate my photos easily. Do you suggest me to create another catalog anew and start over. Also, what do you suggest if your external hard drive is filled and we need more storage. Get ONE bigger hard-drive to store all photos or use multiple hard-drives to pile (store) new photos??

  21. Nicanor Mercado

    Hey, Ed! Fantastic video! Made me a lot more excited to use Lightroom now. Keep up the great content. You've got yourself a new subscriber (and friend). Much love from Guam. 🙂


  22. hugo belmonte

    Thank you very much Ed! Point 8 and 9 are so important, essential and you are one of the few to speak about it. There are so many tuttorial about photo editing out there but no one asks this simple question WHY to édit a photo at first (or even beter, your 5 questions of point 9!)
    And thank you also for sharing your skills and delivering this valuable content to us in a very effective way. I love your Channel, your are always very enthousiast and you never take yourself to seriously 😉
    Greetings from France

  23. D Keks

    I'm using Lightroom on my MacBook Air which has 128gb
    Which about 80gb are photos but actually I have deleted mostly all my photos from hard drive but still I have 80gb of photos.
    In a Lightroom library I have 700ish is that which is taking so much of my memory?! Can I just delete it?!
    Thank u

  24. DMojo

    You have the Brains of a scholar and the heart of a teacher!  Thanks Ed, well done!

  25. hikura

    Your video's have been very helpful and the format they are in is nice, Great job and thanks!

    One thing about this video, When you mention experimenting and resetting, Wouldn't it be better to create a virtual copy of what you've done so once you've done your practice you can review the different things you may have learned.

    Some people don't have as good memory as others so it might be particularly useful to those people.

  26. Irvin Christopher

    Thanks for the video!! I just subscribed and will watch some more videos!


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