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  1. MaZEEZaM

    This is great. This is the first of your videos I have seen so you may already cover it but if not it would be really great if you could do some videos on Super high resolution macro photography of insects and spiders. Thanks for the videos 😀

  2. Sarah Moorcroft

    hi Adam, I brought a reversal ring for my Canon EOS 50D – fits the camera but it doesn't fit my Sigma 17-70 lens, should I be looking for something different for Sigma? Or is it a different lens I need? In addition the extension tube I have brought again doesn't seem to work with that lens – do they only work with canon lenses, or single focal length (sorry may be wrong terminology! Do I mean prime?) very noddy questions – sorry new to all this!! Help please:)

  3. 4A Productions

    The extender tubes works for any lens? Will it work with 50 or 85?

  4. Leanne Geisler

    Good timing Adam. A friend has lent me a macro lense to play around with 😉


    You can also manually adjust the aperture by attaching a string to the lever on the lens i found it works very well

  6. Michele Smith

    Thanks for the info! Great examples of photography as well as different equipment to use. I have my 1st DSLR and have been contemplating extension tubes or filters for macro. I have never seen a reversing ring – pretty neat trick, except for the limitations. Looking forward to seeing what's next in this video series 🙂


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