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  1. jaime barajas

    thanks! help me a lot u have an awesome voice,I aint gay,but I like lol! its impressive,also your mic is excelent I can tell

  2. Randy

    I can never tell if you look young or you look old lol. Like a vampire

  3. Scrotie McDick'N Ass

    Why go to school for photography when you have Tony and Chelsea.

  4. Elvin Lewis

    Who knew? I am now into macro. Seriously. Immediately drawn in.

  5. Fahad Kahut

    Hello Tony,

    Does these equipment work for videography as well?

  6. jesse berber

    What's the make and type of extension tube you used for this video …BTW I'm a huge fan your videos have been very helpful

  7. papaya j

    just wanna ask, do extension tubes create more bokeh when attached to the lens?since it appears to adjust the field of view of the shot.

  8. iTz_MaxYT

    Hi Tony,

    I haven't got a very big budget is there any alternative way to do macro photography,


  9. Reagan Huang

    Hello Tony !

    i use an ef-s 24mm f/2.8 stm plus with a canon eos m3 body, 75mm magnifying glass and an LED torchlight for my macro photography. It's cumbersome. and sometimes i drop either my magnifying glass or my flashlight.

    i would like to just hold the magnifying glass… love the halo light you added to the lens.

    thanks Tony, for you awesome videos. Thumbs up.

  10. Liva Chowdhury

    I'm looking for a macro lens for canon 60d. Could you please suggest me a good one.

  11. happybytheocean

    Tony, does it make sense to use extensions with a macro lens? I bought both. lol For some reason, I am having trouble getting a clear shot filling the frame. I have a very good Macro Lens, A AF-S Micro Nikkor 105 mmm 1:2.8G ED. I'll just keep practicing and studying, but I'm not happy with my results 🙁 Thanks for your tutorials!

  12. Martha Proctor

    What macro lens would you recommend for taking photos of flowers using the Sony A-6000? Thanks for your books & videos. I've found them very helpful…


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