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  1. Wonky Pumpkin

    Wow. I wished I'd found this weeeeeks ago… You made it all sound so simple – straight to the point, no fluff. Thank you!

  2. Leah McCarley

    This is the first time I've ever been able to comprehend any of this! Thanks for the video! It helped a ton.

  3. Christa McLane

    Just purchased my Canon 80D! Super excited to learn more and hope your videos can help me become a better photographer. My question to start (may sound silly) is when shooting a subject in Manual. How do you find a starting point for a good exposure? Do you take a few test shots and adjust from there. I want to start to always shoot Manually as you said. How do I know what a good starting point is with the exposure? Would a light meter be good to use? Thanks for your advice

  4. Analise Dogs

    hey I really miss your vlogs are you gonna ever bring them back hope all is well

  5. ViPz x TeMPAH

    Found your channel in my vast search for photography tutorials and i have to say yours if by far the best u have earned a new subscriber bro and i have turned post notifications on keep up the amazing work i am looking forward to watching your videos in the future 🙂

  6. Joel Sanchez

    Yo! What up Sam! – Hope all is well with the fam, just wondering if you're going to be putting out anymore vlogs?

  7. Original Whyte Kracker

    Wait, This Channel is Titled Wrong it should be called Sam The beard Vlogger

  8. PLDvisuals

    Best shutter speed setting for rap music videos?? For slow mo broll I know to raise speed

  9. Tron Gomersall

    Been trying to keep up to date with your vlogs as much as possible since you reached out to me on Instagram a while back and asked to check out your stuff. It's been awesome seeing you grow and dedicate yourself so faithfully to your work. Huge inspiration, I hope to get that dedication and motivation with my videos soon 🙌🏻 hopefully going to be updating my Instagram soon after this lesson ✌🏻 Thanks man


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