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  1. Donna A

    Love my 70d, 80d and tiny but powerful little SL1. Love optical viewfinders too. Very happy with my DSLRs. To make it even better, I got great prices on all of them. FAR less than I would have paid for a mirrorless.


    please I would like you to tell me how how I can take a photo o my Sony A200 via the screen or lcd thank you

  3. Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    They lose me with the mirrorless cameras because of battery life, I like to stay out all day taking pictures and high battery expenditure would drive me anxious.

  4. Johnathon Frumdehood

    It's just occurred to me that the future of FF mirrorless COULD actually belong to Canon. They are getting their ass handed to them right now by Nikon and Sony, but there is no technological reason that Canon couldn't come out with a forthcoming a7s3-caliber EF mount monster TOMORROW, complete with its amazing dual pixel AF. I'd drop $4K for it in a heartbeat. They just have to be willing to cannibalize their C-Line a little, but right now it wouldn't hurt the C200 or c300ii. There's a hint of the possibilities with the current XC15. It just needs to be FF interchangeable. That's it. Keep the pixel count down to 12mp, add the latest log flavors, dump that stupid mpeg codec and take the high-end mirrorless market. Done. But it won't happen, who am I kidding. Canon is stupid, stupid, stupid when it comes to understanding the markets they serve. Sad.

  5. Scrotie McDick'N Ass

    There was no difference in size from that D4S and A7r when the A7r had the battery grip.

  6. krzysiekgnat

    What about dust in mirroless Sony A9, in DLSR we have mirror witch secure matrix while changing lens?

  7. Tim Butler

    ya you covered a lot of the technical differences for us rookies, good video Fro! Thanks

  8. Conway79

    So why are lenses dependant on whether the camera has a mirror or not? I would have thought the same lenses could work on either type of camera with the right fitting.

  9. Gabriel Andrade

    In a very dust situation
    A sensor to exposed as the mirrorless camera's sensor may become a problem during lens changing?

  10. Johnathon Frumdehood

    One thing that gets lost in all this gadget worship is that a small mirrorless camera, coupled with a vintage FD or AIS lens and focus peaking, can be far more creatively liberating than any amount of tech will ever provide. Think about what the future holds — tilt/shift AF lenses, artificial intelligence in post-capture cropping, real-time focus stacking, 8K raw frame grabs. We are marching along, singing the praises of advancing technology and yet blind to the fact that photography — as a profession and art form — is going extinct. I'm going to take up knitting.

  11. Rakesh Parmar

    People who feel like they're being yelled at by this video have clearly never been yelled at. Great job, found this really informative.


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