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Learn to take your camera off Auto with our new interactive DVD!

In this video I talk about the common mistakes I made as a beginner in my photography career, and how you can avoid them. By following these key steps, you’ll be able to drastically improve your photos before you ever bring them in to photoshop. And getting better images means happier photography clients!

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36 Responses

  1. Lilla

    Firstly, I don't even photograph, I'd still like to know more about it, and secondly, my tip as a.. well, person, is to never directly look into the camera. If it's not like, seductive, or mysterious, or something… it creeps me out, and if it creeps me out, chances are, it will creep other people out too.

  2. thzt guy

    3 things to remember haha if only the math was as good as the pictures

  3. Richard Etheredge

    Thanks. That was very informative for a beginner like me. I just got my first DSLR and found this very helpful. I subscribed and will check out all of your vids.

  4. Oliver Weber

    I expected a ton of real mistakes … and an advanced description how to avoid them.
    Instead of that … you only told about 4 (!!) tips at all !! … so where are the "mistakes" ???

    By the way … there are a couple more very important things to look at … if they are interesting in a video titled as "mistakes" …
    I*m sad that you forgot even calling them.

    Therefore the title of your video is choosen wrong …

  5. monolithicfist

    Love the bride at 3:40 who isn't afraid to live the Thug LIFE…

    Nice video… Very informative.

  6. Pastel Pastry

    What would you say is better for pictures? Canon eos 1300d or Canon powershot sx420? Also which one would you recommend for outfit/ fashion pictures?

  7. Will Burkhart

    It's so funny to watch people squint when taking pictures. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SQUINT

  8. Bryan Resch

    What does shooting raw mean and what is noise if we are speaking of photos and not video ? I know , stupid question. Thanks

  9. Mihael Tominšek

    Or shoot with Pentax. Exposure is almost not important. Few F-stops overexposed images are correctable and several f-stops underexposed images are perfectly fine.

  10. Max Blair

    you don't have to look at your images everytime you try to get the right exposure, just look at your meter in your viewfinder… select the right metering mode and it can be your best friend!

  11. Alison Richard

    on my birthday I want a laptop and a camera? I want to be a photo journalist!!!

  12. tscholent

    Perhaps showing Beginners how to take a custom white balance on their camera before using compensation on shades of gray that don’t exist would make more sense ?

  13. freewebhack haccker

    wait a fucking second is that a fucking macro lens u where using to shoot weeding

  14. Noah A

    You might want to specify in your title that this is more geared towards beginning professional photography. The eleven year-old in the comments doesn't need to learn how to pose people (or myself, for that matter), for example. I also saw several people who didn't even know what the RAW format is, which takes up far more space. If people are this new to photography, chances are they won't have adequate storage to handle shooting in RAW, but rather, only in JPEG. Sorry to be so critical. I still think this can be very helpful, just perhaps towards a slightly different audience.


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