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  1. Leonardo Alfonso

    What do you mean by 20 second exposure? Do you mean to say that you timed the camera to take the shot after 20 seconds have passed by? Also, the less zoom-in in my shot, the better the picture?

  2. Michael Lund

    So funny I was watching this video, saw your front yard and thought to myself, this looks like chicago… then the lou malnatis I used to go to popped up!… thanks for the trip down memory lane =)

  3. ShinyArjun Singh

    There is no CHDK…hack tool for my canon sx410 IS…please help…


    thankyou for these helpful tips! I am definately gonna try using your tips. Can you also give some advice for photographing at a indoor concert? Which iso? I have a sony hx60 ( same like your hx20 but newer model).

  5. Sandesh Gharat

    wow i can take a lot better shots at night with my nikon S9900 coz of u…
    thx man…

  6. Tom Allen

    Thanks. I like a compact camera because–you guessed it–you have it when you need it. You can carry it all day long. 

  7. Favio Escalon

    This video was great! You should do more like this of using point and shoot cameras like photographing the fall would be a good one right now because we are in fall. Thank you it helped a lot!

  8. Shaun Wright

    Good job Mike.You have given good advice here.Thanks shaun

  9. Fabiano Magalhaes

    Thank you! I'm going to see the northern lights and it really helped me a lot!

  10. wtfisditvoorbullshit

    Great video, very informative. It's amazing what you can do with a camera.


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