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  1. chocobearbear

    AA bateri is the best part .. I don't have to worried to find any wall plug in the middle of nowhere …. just bring couple of batteries.. that's all

  2. •IFSTTM•Photography And Filming

    Can you guys see the film I made with this camera! And maybe subscriber!

  3. Dylan Adomaitis

    awesome as camera man i have the b500 coolpix myself and i have just recently started photography one of a kind camera thats for sure stay safe man and peace also follow me on instagram @adomaitisdylan

  4. Channel F.A.B

    Does the camera have a microphone jack for external microphones?? really want to buy it but I don't want to sacrifice the quality of the audio for outdoor use

  5. Priscilla Vargas

    Awesome. Even though I’m a year late. I’m def. getting this camera this Saturday 😍. Sweet video!

  6. Fjbfff Fhbggc

    ارجو رد l am An Arab and have the same NiKon camera 500b but Know the latest Nikon500b camera or Nikon Nikon 700d camera bliesrebly وشكرا 😃😃

  7. Steve Eshom

    Does this have a cable or blue tooth for transferring photos also is there a lithium ion setting available for type of battery?

  8. Raina Grace

    i have one and trust me if you want to take videos with it this is not the one. 🙁
    edit: but the think i like about it the battery stays 5 days long for me and im using it every minute.

  9. johnmonk66

    I just ordered this, but, 200 shots? I can take 200 shots with my phone and use maybe 2%, how much video can you film with fresh batteries? It better film for an hour, at least.

  10. Saurabh Shinde

    Can you please tell me about the image clarity of the camera and other qualities..?


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