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  1. Amanda Stockton

    Thanks for making these videos. I have had my D3100 for several years. I have learned so muchabout my camera after waching your videos. Thank you

  2. Start Your Own Business Academy

    Just got this camera today! Your tutorial has been extremely helpful. Thanks so Much. Boomy

  3. Nonya Bizness

    did FRO KNOWS PHOTOS shot in jpeg can be opened as a raw file and adjust it just like a raw file?

  4. Craig Hancock

    Dude reminds me of a young Lindsey Buckingham or maybe Don Henley. Looks cool as hell though, I dig it.

  5. Edualdo Acevedo

    hi Jared i just got that nikon and my question is can i take pictures in black an white o do i have to transform them after.


    Thank you sir,
    As a french speaker beginner, this tutoring was awesome. it made understand a lot of stuff on Nikon D3100…

  7. AB Kim

    Can you post a tutorial on how to shoot events using this camera? Or tips maybe. Thanks

  8. Jessica Kohlhofer

    hi, im having a problem with my camera, i have the d3100 and when i activate the digital screen whether its for recording a video or just taking a picture theres a green translucid shadow that appears. 
    When i take the picture it doesn't apper but when i record it does. i was wondering if you knew what that could be? i really don't know what happened.

  9. Kristin Cassidy

    GREAT BREAKDOWN!!! I watched a few before this that were complicated!! you really dumbed it down for newbies like me

  10. Tim Curtis

    Did anyone ever tell you that you have the hair of the Grand Funk Railroad drummer, Don Brewer and the face of the bass guitarist, Mel Schactner?…… may be too young to remember them but bring up an old video of the band and you will see a resemblance……………

  11. Jenna Garcia

    My lense doesn't come right off and it seems as if it's stuck at the top. Help?

  12. AaronnEvanss

    Just made a video on my channel, would be mad if you could go give suggestion's because there is room for improvement 🙂 should only take a couple minutes aswell

  13. Iza .T.

    Thank you for this 😉 it really helped me understand all of the controls on the camera 

  14. Rula Hanna

    u're so good in explaining but your look shows arrogance 🙁
    thanks for the helpful info


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