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  1. BerlinWall HistoryNut

    Hi Jared Just subscribed, using this Nikon D3300, what would the best settings be to take night Christmas lights pics? Would I have to use a tripod? Thanks

  2. Mico Crisfaj

    I'm excited having nikon D3300. I had just placed order yesterday thru online. I'll watch this over and over again.

  3. Sacha Slone

    Thank you for an easy to understand and concise tutorial. Much appreciated 🙂

  4. Linda Audet

    You are so right about 3rd party batteries. I tried them several years ago and they would make my Nikon freeze every time.

  5. Adam Ripon

    Just a quick note. You can adjust the ISO when in Video or Photo mode. You just need to hold down the ''fn'' button and at the same time move the wheel on the camera to right or left.

  6. Ja Gainza

    big thanks bro can i ask how to setup gridlines my cam for composition thnks

  7. Sarah Schneider

    Thanks Fro, this is a great tutorial! You made it fun to watch and learn.

  8. tpsu129

    Watching this video 40 months later, is it still worthwhile buying the D3300?

  9. Reality MoDz

    How do u put this camera in the mode where if you hold the button down it'll keep shooting photos

  10. Pinkie Kitty

    I'm interested in photography and my dad bought me this camera for this up coming Christmas is this a good starter camera???? Can Someone reply to me with an answer

  11. Veeluvstocook_

    Hi, thanks for the video. Your videos have helped me grt out of auto mode a lot. Here is my question, what remote control can i use for it to be able to control video recording away from the camera. I have the amazon basic remote but that only controls the shutter release for picture ans not video. I notice there is a slot on the side for remote so which remote will you recommend for video recording. Thanks?

  12. Francois S

    Hi Jared, I saw in another video that to have the full details of a picture, for example indoor with a bright window, we should focus on that window to have the details behind the window and move the locked focus point to the an indoor object or else,
    to have everything focused with the behind window all detailed, he said that the risk was that the indoor was underexposed but could be changed in processing later (couldn't retrieve it in my youtube history so i can't provide the link). Did you think the same way ? And How did I move focus points with a D5600 ? (After locked them)

  13. xbeanx3000

    What's the difference between the manual/auto focus buttons on the lens and the manual/auto focus settings on that top right dial?


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