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  1. yao yupeng

    Can you do a in-depth review of the NEW Nikon 10-20mm DX ultra wide lens?

  2. yomofoindahouse

    My Nikon d5600 gives me purple tint at the bottom of the photo when shooting at night. Nikon said it's fine, while to me it seems like a definite sensor malfunction. Now I can't sell this piece of shit. Even with 35% discount. Last Nikon for me. This company goes downhill and shouldn't be bothered.
    I also had 7.5% discount in the Nikon Store due to my previous purchases, and Nikon just cut my discount down to 3% saying they reviewed their discount policy and now I need to buy more to achieve again the 7.5% level… lol da fuck man?? -))

  3. Patrick McHugh

    Nikon, cause I'm a loser baby, so why don't you shoot me (with a Canon).

  4. Dylan Rock

    I was into it until the "sniff test" and "wind tunnel test." come on son, this ain't a kids show.

  5. Darren Walshe

    My Canon X7i arrived 2 days before l watched this video.l appear to have made the right choice.Cheers dude…

  6. RKG Austin

    If you shoot video get a video camera. If you shoot stills get the Nikon.

  7. Newpix

    @Jeepy715 hi!
    Honestly you should just go with a d5300 and buy some excellent glass with the money left. They have the same sensor and processor! I have a vid on my channel about it, check it out 😉 cheers

  8. legendp2011

    for video the nikon has clean hdmi out and has more dynamic range. so ignoring autofocus the d5600 is better for video (although niether are good video options, a Panasonic g7 pr a6300 will beat them both)

  9. Frederik Wolf

    I'd go with the nikon, but only because I have a ton of nikon glass and not a single canon lens… Ofc you could go for an adapter in this case… But I don't believe a nikon 17-55 f2.8 looks as special as on a nikon then.

  10. Lex Cross

    No AA filter on Nikon. Has Bluetooth not just wifi. Dynamic range better. Focus tracking better. Surprised you ignored this.

  11. Konstantin Galperson

    Jared, i'm afraid you've missed the most important point in favor of Nikon: dynamic range. In my opinion this is why Nikon is better for stills, while Canon is better for video because of much better live view AF.

  12. UnratedAwesomeness

    Canon is being very smart here. If they can attract more customers to their introductory cameras then they can get them hooked in their system

  13. Jeepy715

    Ok so I'm still stuck choosing between the T7i and the d5600. First dslr purchase. Also, suggestions on getting a bundle and kit lense(s) vs getting body only and lenses separately? Also thinking of the a6000 but a lot of hate on hear for Sony, mirrorless cameras, or both. Looking for a nice entry for stills and some video.

  14. Chad McGuigan

    nikons been using the same sensor and processor since the d5300. its essentially the same exact camera with more shiny bits and a touch screen

  15. The Emo Emu

    Pretty sure people just grab the system they're invested in already. That differences aren't that big unless a Nikon user wants to shoot some entry level video.

  16. Zeemon

    I'll go with the Nikon for my mountain biking videos because it won the wind tunnel test.

  17. Max

    Hi Jerad! Good facts. Find a way to go through them in half the time and/or very your speed of your voice.
    It was too monotonous for me to watch with good focus.

  18. JotaCars

    canon is better for almost everything but image quality color dept dynamig range and lowlight Nikon wins

  19. Lofote

    Oh how I hate this "you multiply it with the crop factor"… People are already confused as hell with that stupid crop factor. And you only need the crop factor in very few cases, so why not leave that topic out especially for beginners? Why confuse them?

    Also Canon is not known for doing video centric features, but they WERE known a long time ago when they did the 5D Mark II. You should not confuse Canon DSLR cameras with having good video functionality nowadays, there are so many things missing since years now.

    Then you continue to say "feels better for YOU in terms of handling". No, because everyone has a different hand. You can only say how you think it was with your hands, not with everybody else.

    Canon also did not bring great AF system throughout their lineup, because the new 6D Mark II only has very centric AF points, so hardly usable for anyone doing portraits.

    Finally, why would you recommand a DSLR for a beginner? If someone already has lots lenses, ok, but for a beginner a DSLR should not really be recommended anymore, unless someone really wants to go oldschool.

  20. Angel Canales

    Jared, the canon app doesnt allow you to shot or even download video trough the app

  21. Yavor Indzhev

    Specs comparison should be forbidden :). At least half of this video is complete non-sense 🙂

  22. Luigi Antonio Scalia

    many times ago I'd bought Nikon d3300, I love it, but since the first time his face detection on video mode caused me many out of focus videos… I will not pass to Canon only because I just have Nikon lenses… I'll wait Nikon better autofocus

  23. Max Mayer

    i like my d5500 very much
    its a little bit oberpriced but i had so much lenses for the nikon f mount and i didnt want to sell them
    it was right to get the d5500 because i am highly satisfied with it.

  24. Critical Point

    A sensor dynamic range and noise comparison would have settled the debate between these two cameras.

  25. Ekjot Singh

    I'm new to the channel, the sniff test and the wind tunnel test?
    but why?

  26. Zack somebody

    for stills, I say neither. Get a used d7100 for 500 dollars. Dual slots, weather sealed, in-body focus motor for D lenses, metal construction, more buttons and dials than entry level cameras, need I say more?

  27. Mankirat Singh

    WTF is this? Judging cameras on the basis of specs? Are you kidding me? I thought you did reveiws.

  28. Joaco Remis

    I'd go for the T7i, but its way more expensive in my country

  29. Sv 2016

    I find the D5600 the more enjoyable of the two cameras to shoot stills with due to its ergonomics and lighter weight. I think the control dial is in a much better spot on the Nikon.


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