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  1. Longrider

    so tired of this shit "best camera of the year" there is NO best camera everyone has different needs different tastes , great to have so many good choices, that is the real story!!

  2. Алексей Вершинин

    Why you doesn't upload raw? I Am very interesting comparis landscape from gfx vs 850

  3. xraychick

    no one is going to buy a 3000 dollar stills camera for the video. ps..a 3000 dollar camera is not a 'consumer' camera

  4. Kevin Trowbridge Photography

    Does the A7r III provide greater AF consistency/accuracy over the D850 (both with native lenses)? The accuracy of the autofocus on my Nikon gear (D4, D810, D800, D500) has been so poor with such a wide range of pro lenses that it causes me to shoot 2-3x the # of frames as needed for safety. Very seriously considering the switch!

  5. Timo Schwertfeger

    Kai I'm so happy for you. You create brilliant content since I ever first saw you on Youtube. And you can really tell you stepped up your game since DRTV and you've been gaining so much knowledge about creating, editing, planning really good stuff. Keep up with the good shit and please don't ever burn a camera again.

  6. eLJaybud

    I actually have a P610 in my collection, amazing what that camera can achieve. One trick is to stick it in pet mode for shooting in indoor lighting without a flash, first digital camera I've owned that can pull that trick off reasonable well. Some of the higher end cameras can't even match that.

  7. eLJaybud

    When one of them finally gets a camera right I might bother more, too many compromises.

  8. John Knowles a Cyclist

    And again as with every other review…. for auto focus…. nothing beats a Sony.

  9. Sergio Flores

    the video on the a7rIII was so much better than what kai shot with the d850

  10. nw10photography

    Enjoyable and informative as always! Out of interest did you need a permit or permission to shoot in Richmond Park?

  11. KingJacobo

    I live in Great Yarmouth and still haven’t bumped into you, I’m always out taking pictures. Would be great to meet you if you’re ever in the area again

  12. khoa pham

    You end up talking about sony. If not worry about lens selection, Is a7riii a better buy vs 850 for a hobbyist?


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