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  1. kvdgadj

    How do you bounce without wall and ceiling. Can you bounce at a car show with other photographers near you?

  2. Birju Patel

    Thank you +Karl Taylor I have learned a lot from you. Continue with the exceptional work you do. A big fan of your videos.

  3. Insected Junk

    It's simple. I like this guy's work and atittude with the models. Onde of my favorite light expert.

  4. Jon Harrison

    I really have learnt so much off Karl, even after his course in guernsey (which also was brilliant). He really delivers so much information to help novice to advance photographers in the ways of simple but effective techniques.

  5. Aju Rajendran

    That was really informative.Expect new videos this week..Especially on the setting of your new Studio.


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