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  1. LKFX Quality Media

    How do you go about flash in this situation when you have to use it?

  2. kechie bridge

    hi Jessica, I wanna start my own what photography equipments do I need. do you have a video that shows this or if not can you make one pls? l love your photography tutorials. very simple and easy to understand. looking forward to seeing this video. thanks

  3. Baelfire Solomon

    I want to shoot backlit so bad but when i tried it all i had were blown white photos with a silhouette

  4. joselin guillen

    "you probably have a really nice mountain with a castle" lmao that was funny

  5. Exploring View

    can still capture that kind of shots in a canon 1100D? and its original lens?

  6. Kimberly Raines-Bartley

    LOVED this tutorial Jessica, very very informative! Thank you so much!

  7. becausewin

    LMAO "Australia" implying castles and mountains. but no seriously thanks for the tutorial.

  8. cassandra coon

    Thank you this is videos very helpful I've been taking pictures since 2013

  9. drummergirl Curry

    GREAT video tutorial….my fav is capturing the natural activities of people and this is really going to help with using natural light, which is also my fav way of taking photos, plus I don't have all the reflectors and light equipment yet. You do a great job of teaching, thanks so much.

  10. Babs B

    Jessica you have single handedly inspired me to learn photography. I admire how you have evolved in such a small period of time. You are a lovely person I think,because you share your craft so freely for other people's benefit. Thanks for inspiring so many of us.

  11. perla garcia

    Hi Jessica, what do you do when shooting backlit and the model's face does not get enough light/there's a shadow so that her face is not visible?

  12. treble1200

    Jessica, just started watching your videos today. It's encouraging to watch someone who had the drive to be self taught and go for what they want. I took photography back in high school and have just recently been itching to get back into it. Watching your videos is stoking that fire again. So Thank you. Currently I have a canon rebel xsi (I know it's an older model).

  13. Ankit Goyal

    Hey ur videos are real fun and awesome teaching techniques
    No fancy equipments and stuff make them different 👌❤️

  14. WoffieDoSantos

    Just Wow. Thanks Jessica for posting it really helped me ! xoxo <3

  15. Francesca Hill Photography

    Great video, very informative! With the backlit shots, can you only do this around sunset?

  16. Ravi D

    Which camera mode are you using? (Like Auto, Portrait etc.) or you are using manual mode.

  17. Daily Dreamer

    I'm a aspiring photographer and I have to say your channel has taught me so much so far, Your really good at explaining things and you have a amazing eye for it too.

  18. natserog

    in shooting in AV mode on Canon what is the best iso and F stop for sunny day?

  19. Jintu Basumatary

    YOU are doing great in photography…I like it very much
    thank you for posting this videos…

  20. nathan gilmore

    First of all I love that you share what your shooting with and also the settings you use. I noticed you always have a SS of 320 and ISO of 160 and only your aperture changes. Is that what you usually do?


  21. abhideep ramesh

    Hey this is me abhideep. I was just watching some canon photography and i saw your channel. I love the photography you do love it keep it up 😘😘


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