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  1. Jeff Rendered

    This is the portrait video I was looking for. ACTUAL TIPS on how to shoot portraits! None of that 10 minute video with 5 minutes being some random vlog, with cliche instagram filter editing. Thank you!

  2. Created4WaR

    that's how you make a tutorial..well done and thank you.

  3. naeem gujjar

    superb and very expressive video i really learn with ease. thanks for share

  4. Patrick Eusebio

    learned a lot with this video, looking forward for some more

  5. dwrldsgr8st

    Great video. straight to the point. Would be glad to know where to get the reflector.

  6. Ben

    Excellent video, thank you. These are the kind of portraits that I actually like. Well done. Looks so much better than most of the artificially-lit portraits I see.

  7. EDC Gadgets

    The last photo totally looks like a 2 flash HSS setup, pretty cool.

  8. Gino Cheng

    awesome video! taught me alot about how to light subjects. Thanks 🙂

  9. Dalia Madrid

    What do you do if you want to shoot at noon and you don't have any of that equipment?

  10. Alex Bueno

    When you say Expose to the background, you mean use the metering mode on Spot or center weighted metering mode? I'm new in photography 🙂


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