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  1. Josh Katz

    Hope you guys enjoy this tutorial! Stoked to see the shots you take! Here’s a video directory to save you some time.

    1:06 Equipment You Need
    2:06 Picking Subject + Location
    2:44 Step 1: Preliminary Camera Settings
    3:21 Step 2: Shutter Speed vs Motion Blur
    4:16 Step 3: Base Shutter Speeds
    4:53 Step 4: Focusing
    5:06 Step 5: Positioning
    5:35 Step 6: Shooting Technique
    6:19 Step 7: Experimenting
    7:18 Step 8: Editing in Lightroom
    9:20 Step 9: Sharing Your Work
    10:06 Your Star Shots from Last Week’s Tutorial

  2. Jose Manuel Giga

    Hey Josh, how about the lens filter? Can we use a normal one or should use a darker one? thks!

  3. PierreKiwiz

    Super nice video! I will try this as soon as possible! thanks for the tips!

  4. Egiptologistat

    Hey, Josh! I really appreciate all the work you're doing and enjoy your videos greatly!
    But please… get rid of the not-24-fps style – personally, it's almost unwatchable (still listened though).
    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  5. MCM

    i wonder how much amazon pays for all those links in the description..

  6. Lindsey L

    Thanks for explaining things in plain english for beginners instead talking codes

  7. MellowLuis

    Hell yeah cant wait to go out and try this! Thanks for the tutorial

  8. Tony Mauricio

    I still remember that you screenshot my snapchat. Wondering what happened to it…

  9. Reggie Caliph

    Dude the thumb nail looks like Gordon Ramsay at a glance haha


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