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  1. element4element4

    Hi Tony, did you guys ever make a full review of this camera? I can't seem to find it. Thanks.

  2. anDrew Reid

    Right so DXo are gonna convince nobody the Sony NX is anywhere near a 645D how ridiculous.

  3. JeffDvrx

    Hey Tony! I've watched a ton of your videos and I don't understand how I had never come across this one before. Your videos are amazing, I've learned a lot watching them. Thank you for putting out such high quality stuff!

  4. SabotPottery

    I was prepared to finally pull the trigger and buy this camera but after reading many reviews (from 645Z users) it has a couple of deal breakers for me. Firstly, the button to exchange lenses, continually falls off and they either recommend super glueing it on or using gaffa-tape to hold it in place. Secondly, and more importantly, this camera is NOT weather sealed. Numerous 645Z users have been caught out in the rain and water has seeped into the camera. Pentax refuse to except any warranty claims and it falls back onto the photographer to pay for repairs. This in my view is unexceptable and a total deal breaker. I will now by either a Hasselblad or another company who will stand by their products.

    Tony, thanks for the video, keep up the great work. Paul

  5. duper1025

    Hi Tony & Chelsea, other than Adobe, what software can be used to process the 645z raw files? I use Capture One which doesn't support the 645z

  6. Francis Babin

    what about the mamiya zd or another nd or 22 millions pixels but only 25 -400 iso


    I don't trust dxomark, in the ranking they place old camera's over their successors and that's just total bullshit

  8. Farawayfound

    I've had a full 32 GB CF card fail while traveling Europe. Wanted to smash my face through my macbook -_-

  9. Mike Poole

    Have you tested it yet? I saw some 400% crops from Dani Diamond and DAMN this thing is AWESOME!!!!

  10. Christopher O'Grady

    How does anyone ever build up the nerve to hit dislike on a Tony Northrup video?

  11. trip3980

    When it comes to these Medium format cameras the price point is just too high for the digital cameras. I find that it cost about the same just to run and process film. The lenses on the old medium format cameras are top natch so I can't see why we need to justify spending all the money on a digital Medium format camera. Only benefit of a digital medium format camera is the speed or real time viewing. Not having to worry about any mistakes after production. I come from the old film background so I understand film. Canon in the near future will be coming out with a 100 mb censer which will blow away the competition as far as the maga pixel war. So I think right now buying any digital medium format camera is a bit of a hassle. If I had a client who wanted a larger format then standard 35 mm then I would rent the camera rather then buy it. I guess it comes down to weather the camera pays for it self . But even then I think its an unnecessary expense.

  12. Todd York

    Can you do a comparison with other medium format cameras such as the Hasselblad?

  13. capoman1

    Huge sensor, modern design aspects, super high resolution, huge price tag AND 1080P video??? Come on.


    Who told this guy he can present medium format camera? He is suitable for silk fabrics and silicon wigs and may be for Barbie dolls for adults. More concentrate on his look then the camera. Dull doll.

  15. jganun

    What's the matter; couldn't score a demo model for the review? We're supposed to watch a 645Z review illustrated with an old Mamiya RB67? (And I'll bet the RB67 can outshoot it!)

  16. pinkeye00

    It's not really a medium format. It's just a big full frame sensor. It's way smaller than even the Mamiya and Phase One sensors … I think the IQ actually sucks nuts. It has major advantages of the DSLR realm, but just doesn't hold mustard for what you get.


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