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  1. Patrik Tomić

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  2. Daki Bajic

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  3. NXA

    hello sir , iam a photoshop edittor but i cant find any photo to edit . plz help me in finding a editting work

  4. druidbroga

    Hi, thanks for this video – I realize it was posted a year ago but have only just seen it. It is excellent and makes some very good points.

    I guess, not being a commercial photographer, I do have the luxury of time. This enables me to play with different ideas and drive my car to umpteen different effects' restaurants. I do like working that way – though it can take many hours and days to produce just one image. And I frequently "park" images – I returned to one after three years to finish it.

    All this is great but, should I do any commercial shooting, I now have an excellent road-map of how to proceed, in order to avoid my luxurious circumnavigation route. The discipline which you recommend will, thus, be especially useful to me, given my usual processes and mindset.

    Thanks muchly!

  5. Shan Madhu

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  6. Khalid Rajab

    i'm about to begin taking my photos to the next level. i've a macbook,what's the best software i can use.

  7. Paul Niwa

    Right on! Most people think that they will be a photo editor if they learn tools like Lightroom, and most vloggers know this and cater to it. But, the key to being creative is to pause and think before using a tool. Great photos come from our experience and imagination. Technology should be used to make our dreams come true. This is a list of five great tips for thinking to be creative.

  8. Carlton Griffith

    Interesting idea of doing Photoshop work first. I have been doing that at the end and then finding something else to tweak in LR. Need to try it your way!

  9. Dzidzor Gborglah

    I couldn't find your Travel Photography Guide 🙁 Where is it on the site, please?

  10. Fussy Lawn Care

    Hi Ed, yep there's definitely some issue with your website, I use chrome and it's saying "your connection is not safe" etc…

  11. Paul C

    My biggest issue is when people say whats the story your trying to tell… im not trying to tell any story, i simply went out with my camera seen something i lijed and tried to take a nice pic of it. As for the rest of the points you made i shall have to put more thought into them.

  12. Joe Beard

    Hi Ed, I opine, your five points are excellent; I will bear them in mind, for taking pictures as well as processing them. Thank you, and thanks for all your past and future work and friendly commentaries and for altruistically sharing them. Regards, Joe.

  13. Robert Scoular

    Hi Ed. I found this video very interesting. I do however find myself automatically going straight into editing to see what I can make the image look like. Sometimes the original is a bit dull, then after a few tweeks, it looks good. Sometimes I find just cropping does the trick. So I'm not sure I can pick the "right" images from the contact print. Your 5 points are helpful in helping to structure your thinking, so its less random & perfunctory. Your vids are great, keep them coming. Robert

  14. lansing9r

    Your SSL certificate is invalid, Ed. You need one for – the wildcard one you have will give an error. Also, having that insecure certificate means chrome and IE will not mix and match the HTTP/HTTPS elements- so your CSS style sheet doesn't load and the page looks awful.

    This server could not prove that it is; its security certificate is from * This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

  15. Nuno Pereira

    I really like your teaching style and how you explaining things. I'm very new to the photography world and I hope to learn as much as I can from videos like yours. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  16. Anas Hasan

    great videos!! i am having trouble while uploading my photos on fb. the quality it quite low. Is there any tricks that i can apply while exporting or saving photos after edit to protect the quality?

  17. Leon Daniels

    Dude, you should really stop the 'funny' stuff during your intro music. Sooooo not funny!

  18. Joe Beard

    I opine: Ed, when I clicked on your website a warning flashed up to say it was unsafe, with a blue button saying back to safety. 'https' was in red and lined through and possibly it may be that if it was http: it might not flag it up. There is an advanced option to proceed which I did. I only mention it because it could put people off and/or be worth looking at. regards, Joe

  19. Joe Beard

    I opine, if people leave a comment, their thumbs up gets cancelled as mine just did, so perhaps to ask for a comment… and then a thumbs up, to avoid this happening.


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