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  1. romelyn buiser

    as a beginner like me .. this tutorial is really helped me alot!!.. thankyou very much … i loved it .. iam so verry curious about his face .. 🙂

  2. Benjamin III Daffon

    I love to play a guitar, but the guitar don't like to play with me.. so sad

  3. Anugrah Shrivastava

    Hey i have been following your lessons for quite a while and find it really good. I wanted to learn hero by Enrique by i could not find it in your channel. Can u plz make one.. Plzzz 🙏🙏

  4. elena zafar

    Stop yapping through the video so much the minute you start getting the hang of it your tirade of yapping starts and ruins any flow.

  5. Lauren Paine

    You have taught me how to play this song even with mistakes! Amazing! 😘

  6. renz manansala

    hello i loved ur channel but the strumming pattern its really hard will u help me to improve my strumming style.? can u teach me how to do it the strumming in this song.. thanks.

  7. Nilima Tasnim

    i still dont get how to play the F chord, which string does the pinky finger go to?

  8. stephanie rehm

    I love how at the end you keep messing up the "when you were 16" part but you keep trying to figure it out and not give up. That is SO inspiring. it shows that even when you are advanced you can still have trouble but it's okay. I'm just a beginner but I really appreciate the fact that you still put this video up knowing you spent a good 5 mins correcting yourself. thanks alot I'm hoping to learn it quickly!

  9. Yana Dalisay

    im so confused lol i hope there is a list of all the chords with the parts like
    blah blah blah blah
    pretty please

  10. Sin Yee Sau

    I'm interested on buying a new guitar, mind if I ask what size of a guitar are you using?

  11. Hanna Salvador

    oh my gosh I kept on laughing while practicing with him. hahahahaha he's so cute! the song screw him up but he's really cute!!! hahahahhahha

  12. Wolfpup Creations

    Just lay off the singing a little… But your really good at guitar

  13. Romar Tungol

    Thanks for this! One of the best tutorials I've watched. I recommend it might be better if the chords are shown because I had some hard times trying to remember the chords by just looking at your fingers. But all in all great!

  14. javeria sahoo

    plz make a guitar chords tutorial for the song etenal flame by the bangles

  15. Amulya Sankara

    You're the best! I absolutely love your tutorials and have learnt so many songs because of them. Thanks a lot for making every song so easy. Could you do a porcupine tree cover though? I really want to learn one of their songs. Thanks!
    Love from India. 😀


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