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  1. KiarraSari

    You were very clear at describing things. This video in conjunction with other DSLR videos was very helpful.

  2. vivian Kamal

    The picture i take with my canon looks like i took it by my phone camera idk please tell me why ?

  3. aleisha hicks

    you look like lucy hale mixed w kylie jenner 😂😍

  4. Yekta E

    great video! i have a question… when i shoot up close i get very sharp details in the face and its proper to edit but when i shoot full body or even just upper body and try to edit the face in PS the features arent as detailed and its impossible to retouch the face. is this normal? because i see some photos full body but are beautifully edited and the face is clear

  5. Jerome Bounds

    You did very well. Thanks for taking the time to educate this rookie photographer. 🙂

  6. Yehuda Levy

    Please make more photography videos they are very informative. I learned a lot.

  7. The unapologetic Mom

    I just came across your YouTube channel & im sooo happy I did😍😍😍 I loved this video so informative. I want to learn how to take my own protraits 😬🙌🏽 So this was really helpful.🙂

  8. rcsc824 sc

    I want to learn on how to shoot you kyle get it, definitely get it!

  9. Joseph Kurniawan

    thanks a lot for uploading this! really need this. by the way what type of camera did you use? also what type of lens?

  10. CurlyMisfit

    I learned more from this video than my video production class! Thank you for sharing this, now I can try to use these techniques with my own camera! 😊

  11. Phunny Yo

    How can I shoot a landscape with kids running around in the dark? Inpossible!


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