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  1. pixxel

    I didn't really like the first half as I didn't agree to some things he said. But the second half was much better and it helped me a lot.

  2. TopEvt

    very well explained. This info will get you on the way to the Photography A game .

  3. Being Indian Naga

    Awesome ….. wish I had DSLR worthy watching. 😍

  4. jamalnasir318

    I have seen something like over 30 videos on composition but this by far is the best. He actually explains the science behind the art. I would love to view this video before I pick up my camera to shoot something … thanks and keep up the good work!!!

  5. Ismael Cancel

    Thank God I found the clearest explanation on this subject that found

  6. zenflautist

    Thankyou for an informative and well presented video 😀 I will apply what I have learnt in my photography.

  7. ShAnU RoY

    Great helpful information on your tips & tricks, Thank you!

  8. Jason Adams

    That you for that in depth explanation. A lot of great nuggets.

  9. Raj Ray

    Brilliantly explained. The best vid on composition. 5 stars Sir

  10. Abhishek Srivastava

    Mobile photography is quite popular these days…. Can you please tell us how can we achieve most from it…? I dont have a professional camera but i m able to click good photographs… I want to make it better and planning to buy DSLR


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