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  1. pointer2null

    I wasn't sure about this video at the start and almost hit the next button, but checked a few comments first and they seemed favouable so gave it a go. Glad I watched it now. As one comment put it, instead of concentrating on a single image (or a small selection), by going ober a lot of different phots you give a much better understanding of the concepts. As a rusult I've queued a few more of your videos to watch next.

  2. Lucian Virciu

    Thanks again buddy…. Very useful stuff… an by the way, the brides mom at 13:50 looks a lot like Shaun White πŸ™‚

  3. AndrΓ© Sandberg

    Good video. Although I would suggest you to not keep your main subjects in the picture so close to the frame of the image. Space is an important concept to an image. If space is neglected there is often a feeling of pressure. Unless that is part of your composition. So a Tip is to leave space for your main subject to stay in.Β 

  4. Lavinia Neculau

    THANK YOU FOR ALL THE ADVICES..i am looking to buy a nikon d3200 and all your tutorials are helping me a lot!

  5. Juliana C M

    Thanks for the great videos! I looked for you on FB but the search came back as Page Not Found or as Page Not Available.

  6. pimp4586

    this is hands down the best tutorial on composition ever! most detailed and everything. Amazing job, keep up the good work. i never understood composition till i watched this tutorial.

  7. cameratricksandtips

    Having so many different kinds of picture subjects that you critiqued helps. Other videos only show a single subject and try to explain composition. Your video helped much more.

  8. Mr Chin

    i liked your pictures but i think some of them were too tight cropped. the picture of the interiors of that restaurant with those chandeliers, i think it was too tight cropped. but then…it's just my opinion. nice video though.

  9. Donald Noriega

    The more I study most of the tutorials the more I want to get to the point where I don t have bad picture.

  10. Am-Eerica

    Thank you so much for making these videos. I have learned a lot. Please don't let the negative people keep you from making more videos. There are a lot of us who really appreciate the help/gift you give us of your time and knowledge in making these videos. Thank You Again πŸ™‚

  11. Leonard Gabriel Solleza

    Oh fudge! at last! I saw a very nice tutorial! πŸ˜€ I still don't have my cam yet, but can I ask, What is the big difference between the usual cameras to the DSLR's? πŸ˜€ Thank you very much! :)) SUBSCRIBED!! Haha!

  12. Ellen Bukh

    "How did I get this? Cropped it. Cropped it and nailed it." I love how strongly you feel about cropping pictures. You're absolutely right! Cropping can definitely make a picture better and it's a good tool!

  13. ahussain610

    I've subscribed to a few people on YouTube but your vids are by far the best tutorials.

  14. Bree Braumberger

    What is you name so that I can find you on FaceBook. I am photography student and i found your videos very helpful.

  15. kevinmsft

    Thanks for all these great tutorials!

    And remember… Facebook likes != love. πŸ™‚


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