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  1. Maja Juloska

    I have Nikon D50 and it's very old model and i have lens 55-200mm and 18-55mm.Can u tell me how to take pictures at night without flash and without noise? Please..

  2. TN450 RESET

    I recently purchased a Lighting Light Video Photo Softbox Umbrella Photography Kit Backdrop Muslin from at an amazing price and am excited to share it with other fellow photographers. (see link below)

    I have since started shooting on my spare time at home and quite frankly am making a substantial amount of money on the side apart from my regular 9 – 5. πŸ™‚

    I hope this helps others when making their next purchasing decision.

    Have a great day!


    Anthony E

  3. Faris Ghazali

    Nice tutorial for newbie like myself! I'm really into photography right now… For anyone new, I just found this free class on color management for design, photography and the web. , hope that helps!

  4. Chloe Fox

    No hate towards anyone but if you are really passionate about Photography, you will not care if this was an advertisement and if it was a 'waste of your time'. Well, i'm sorry but if that 'wasted you're time, why did waste more time commenting on how much it wasted your time? That's just wasting your time even more. Again i'm sorry if I sounded rude but photography is my life and you clicked on this video that says, "Photography For Beginners – Better Photography – Go From Beginner To Expert In Just A Few Weeks." Again, if you were passionate about this subject, you would not be complaining because it's a course online to learn about taking breath taking photos. I don't know about you guys but I would spend money to make my dream a reality. Have a great day guys.

    Remember I was not targeting anyone or anything, just putting it out there. πŸ™‚

  5. Joseph Caissie

    this isent for bigginers lol but yeah buy it you fucking tool

  6. Kathleen J

    That was an advertisement? you should of said at the start that people need to pay money for it! well that was 6minutes of my life i just wasted, cheers

  7. Clipping path Lab

    I have struggled with this subject for some time, I even took a class on
    the basics of photography, and I was just not getting it. Now after
    seeing the image that you posted, it all is very clear to me, and my
    understanding is becoming more clear, thank you very much!!

  8. Wild The Wolf

    o-o wow it was a add, he actually got 1% likes of the viewers

  9. Ptar Mwithiga

    I really like thisΒ 
    great work looking forward to research non you for more tips

  10. Anonymous

    A great business practice is to always put the client first. If there is a misunderstanding with money, or if you make a mistake, apologize freely and go the extra mile to make the client happy even if it dents into your profits a little. It's more important to lose a couple dollars or spend a little more time making the client happy now if it means having a repeat client down the road. We also have lots of great tips for running a successful photography business on our youtube channel at photographer overnight.


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