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  1. John Eckert

    Hello everyone. Here is a link so you look at the lifespan of your camera shutter Most makes/models listed(
    ( ).
    In the case of the Canon EOS 7D –
    Average number of actuations after which shutter is still alive: 99,256.7
    Average number of actuations after which shutter died: 180,236.4

  2. Mugdha Mg

    Hello Sir..ur all videos are very informative n interesting to learn lil more detail about raw files.. I'm eagrly watting for ur more videos.. Thx..😊

  3. SpiritBr34k3r

    Hello Phillip, I just bought my first manual focus lens, and I feel bad for shooting so many useless pictures, do you have any tips on how to learn to use those lenses efficiently?

  4. id7aim

    haha great intro lol, very informative video even for med and expert users. Thanks alot


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