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  1. Fragrance Tattoo

    What would be the best and most efficient light setup for my channel ? I am filming fragrance bottles and I am not happy with the desk lights that I am using.

  2. Mónica Araya

    Hey John, I have this Limo Studio lighting kit for my product photos, do you think it does a good job?

  3. RivalTv

    Thank you brotha! You know I'm digesting all of this. The launch went well and now I'm playing with different ideas to get the product out to the masses using photography. Your channel is always motivating and informative. I love how you tackle specific questions. Thank you for these videos.

  4. Justin James

    Do have any tips on finding fabric and cut and sew companies/manufacturers? This would be greatly appreciated

  5. Tr1ppl3 A

    Do you think its wise to stay consistent with the photography and do one theme, or keep changing it up and do cool locations and techniques?


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