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  1. Ankit honey Rawat

    can anyone suggest me a good lens for canon who gives awsome blurry backgrond at 50meter far distance from me to object & gives awsome blurry background plzzz suggest me

  2. Abiodun Ebenezer

    What type of lens can I make use off with my camera Nikon D90 because I cherish it a lot … pls can you help me with that

  3. Abiodun Ebenezer

    I love this video quite audible and clearly to pick the message you are passing across

  4. JS 096

    I really like the idea of the ‘magic hour’, thanks for explaining light so well.

  5. Jory H

    wow I loved the result of the beach picture can I know please what kind of lense you used to get the wide image

  6. Mark DiNatale

    Your videos are so well done, informative and very enjoyable to watch!

  7. Levan Angler

    Could you tell me what camera and lens were you using in this video and also I have Canon 60 D and want to upgrade. WHICH CAMERA DO U SUGGEST ? THANKS

  8. Amarbat Batsaikhan

    Great video.. Could you please add some videos about photographing Real Estates and Interiors?

  9. Jimmy Huang

    ah finaly understand the function of relfector and lighting after i watched 100 videos

  10. Indraneel Bapat

    beautifully composed..simply imposing!!! Thank you very much. Hope this video of yours will help me.

  11. Mary Angeline Flores

    hey sir !! Thanks For the Info It Helps me A lot .. 😍😘😘 I want to be like you Someday . I want to be Professional Photographer LIKE YOU 😍😍😘😘 godbless

  12. Arnab Ghosh

    sir i interset for photography ,,,but no teache,,,pls u teaching u

  13. Payal kohli

    hey karl,
    i was looking for a video regarding light and there i found u. after going through so many.
    your's made me understand it just perfect. thanks 🙂

  14. abdullah abdulaziz

    don't want to sound bad here but the girl holding that reflector looks prettier and would make better photos than the girl who is posing


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