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45 Responses

  1. Edward Escobar

    Thanks so much, I understood more on this video then the other 10 videos I watched. The combination of language and visual examples made it easy to understand, this also helps teach me what a good camera can do compared to a crappy one so I can make my own decisions and not take someone's word for it.

  2. Rose Rain Music

    Thank you for making this video! It was so helpful and interesting!

  3. Brianna Johnson

    I like that you explained the basics, and showed examples of what the differences were.

  4. Dr. Prince SyahZadah

    great gentle men … great explanation…………Friendly guys…….

  5. Alex Clendenning

    Awesome video! I had no idea what any of this was before hand and I can't wait to mess around with this info.

  6. xanthus798

    "1/2000th, 1/4000th, anywhere in between that, that will stop a hummingbird with it's ridiculous speed flapping…"

    Incorrect. As a hummingbird photographer, you can indeed capture the birds moving about the flowers, hovering, etc. at those speeds and even slower. However, such speeds will NOT freeze their wings. Even at 1/8000th of a second, the wings will have some blur. It actually requires 1/20,000 or less of a second to freeze the wings. For that, one must use NO ambient light, and only flashes.

  7. Gregg Sinini

    I just had to tell you that I am a total beginner who wants to get into amateur photograph as a hobby into my retirement. I have watched many YouTube Photography videos, basic tutorial text courses, Wikipedia and am starting to learn a lot of basic info and have become obsessed to learn even more where I quite don't get some things as of yet. After only about 6 minutes into your video and the physical demos of ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed everything is all starting to make sense and come into focus in my brain!!! Excellent Video and the dots are starting to finally connect and I think I am ready for my first Camera purchase to speed up my learning through experience. Entertaining also, which I feel helps relax the my mind into absorbing so much more info!! Maybe if you can advise on a beginners DSLR that I can also grow into and not have to make another expensive purchase a year from now!  I afraid I will walk into the Photography Store and will grab the first camera that looks cool or has the highest Pixel rating, or high price point thinking that it should be a great camera. A latest model would be great too!! Thank for an eye opening video guys,  I subscribed within the first 5 minutes of viewing!!!

  8. Los Ganns

    this video is perfect. i like how they showed the examples as the iso changed so you can actually see what the result is. very well done

  9. Daniel Anderson

    6:51… is he taking a shot while saying "'This would be a great shot for an add for a grocery store?"

  10. Kimberly Trieu

    This video was informative but can you get rid of the background music for future videos? it is so distracting…

  11. Justin Productions

    What do you think the best setting for a high school or middle school sports game that is at night with artificial light?

  12. Chris Garrett

    This is so cool!! I found this website that offers photography jobs. You can get paid to take pictures, that's crazy.

  13. Catarina Fitensity Workouts

    BEST photography tutorial everrrr! thanks for this guys!!!!!!

  14. karin9087

    i have always loved to take photos and editing them after. i did that with my phone, but i always wanted to go level up. so my husband bought me semipro camera for birthday and there was no manuel in the box so i tried to do my self, but it was ok for a moment and then the options made big confusion. i stayed awake for 3 days looking for a leson for beginers and i just got no sleep hahaa. now i came by ur video and guys i wanted to tell you THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart! i learned from your video a lot! after all i am glad my camera wont be on the shelf and continue to take pics with my phone hahaha thanks again!

  15. Toshko

    Thanks for the exhaustive tutorial and all the info you sharing with us…!

  16. KungFuBlob

    Excellent video. I'm a beginner with a D3300 fitted with a Nikkor 16-80mm lens (costs double the camera…) This video was truly helpful in explaining the basic of shooting. ISO, Shutter and Aperture!!

  17. Kiky Ashtonya

    dude do you have tutorials video for using and maximizing sony camera? thanks for ur nice tutorials in this video, its really help me to learn photography .. welldone

  18. Kristi Schmitz

    This video has been hands down the most helpful to me so far! I'm new to DSLR cameras, and have only begun using my Nikon. I feel much more confident after watching you guys and all the tips!

  19. Jesse Ramon

    I shoot with an APS-C Canon Camera (the t6i). If anyone is starting photography or is curious to see what results you will get with it, check out my instagram @jramon323


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