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  1. vibhash bhardwaj

    can you please explain how to blurr background from digital camera like nikon b700..

  2. Liza McGuinness

    my 8 year old boy and I are watching your videos to learn photography with his new camera! Thank you for the videos

  3. Günter Vitting

    thank you for this inspiring Video!i got a Coolpix L31 pocket shooter , great to have always a camera around , i found already nice Scenes down town but also nice landscapes regards from GermanyGünter

  4. marthe pier siquijor

    thanks for sharing this video i mean uploading matt my name is matt tooooo

  5. Gurpreet Singh

    Can i shoot in raw format with my point and shoot camera..? sony DSC w830 to be specific…

  6. Pranay Kinjawadekar

    First at all thanks for the information. I have a question, Can I use or synchronise my point and shoot camera (Canon SX160IS) with external flash? If yes, please suggest me a good flash.

  7. Hari Krishnan

    Can we get the same kind of video we get in a dslr after editing the video?

  8. tarstarkusz

    Can you recommend a really good camera that is pretty old (in computer terms, like 2004 or so)? I just picked up an OK camera 5MP for $3 at a thrift store. It was a decent P&S at the time, but I was frustrated to find out it doesn't allow you to shoot uncompressed pictures (it's a Cannon PS A95, yeah, I know it's not great, but it does have a glass lens and a decent quality CCD and is MUCH better than a cheap P&S you can get today for < $50. So long as it is at least 4 or 5 MP, I really am not worried about MP, I want a decent lens and a high quality CCD and SD or CF slot. Also, something that has a very fast response time would be good. I don't like the full second between pushing the button and the picture, I'd like a response time in the milliseconds. I want to go old just to save money and I would rather buy something that was very good at the time, vs a cheap modern camera. Electronics loose their value no matter what very quickly.

  9. zuheyr alsalihi

    Thank you very much. Very useful hints. I would appreciate some video hints as well though. Particularly fps, aperture etc settings. 

  10. Mr Chin

    sometimes using the pop up flash actually makes the picture darker and flat because the camera goes for a higher shutter speed cause it thinks that the light from the flash would be very bright. it just happens sometimes… i could be wrong though


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